New Thought Authors and Teachers


First off, this is not an all inclusive list. The roles of such teachers continue to grow each day.  And, there are many who teach New Thought concepts that may not label their work as such.  So the list here is both a work in progress with new names and content added as I can consider each…..and may include some teachers not thought strictly to be “New Thought”.  However, I do think that the writers/teachers listed here need to be mentioned and shown to you as a potential resource.

There are a number of online lists of New Thought teachers which are worth sharing first so that you can consider others who may not currently be listed here. So here are some other lists you may want to review (and there are other listings you can find with a bit of online searching):

Wikipedia list of New Thought authors

Lessons in Truth website list

Law of Attraction website list

Our List of Authors and Teachers


Here is our current list (in progress).  Click on the name to go to a page with more information on that person and useful links.  Some of the pages are still being populated with full data and links.  

NOTE: Links to material on Ralph Waldo Emerson can be found on the “Other Related Spiritual Connections” page under “Transcendentalism”.


Allen, Abel Leighton

Allen, James

Anderson, Uell S.

Atkinson, William Walker

Bailes, Frederick W.

Beckwith, Michael

Behrend, Geneviève

Bendall, George

Bixby, James Thompson

Boehme, Kate Atkinson

Bristol, Claude M.

Brooks, Nona

Butterworth, Eric

Cady, H. Emelie

Collier, Robert

Cramer, Malinda E.

Curtis, Donald

Dresser, Horatio

Dresser, Julius

Drummond, Henry

Dyer, Wayne

Evans, Warren Felt

Fillmore, Charles

Fillmore, Myrtle

Fox, Emmet

Gestefeld, Ursula Newell

Goddard, Neville

Goldsmith, Joel

Hill, Napoleon

Holliwell, Raymond

Holmes, Ernest

Holmes, Fenwicke

Hopkins, Emma Curtis

Hopkins, Erastus Whitford

Horowitz, Mitch

Howard, Vernon

James, Fannie Brooks

Jeffery, H.B.

Johnson, Benjamin

Larson, Christian D.

Lindsay, Arthur Adolphus

Marden, Orison Swett

Morrissey, Mary Manin

Murphy, Joseph

Patterson, Charles Brodie

Ponder, Catherine

Price, John Randolph

Quimby, Phineas Parkhurst

Seabury, David

Sheldon, Henry C.

Shinn, Florence Scovel

Stone, William Clement

Towne, Elizabeth

Trine, Ralph Waldo

Troward, Thomas

Underhill, Evelyn

Walsch, Neale Donald

Wattles, Wallace

Werber, Eva Bell

Whiting, Lilian

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler

Wood, Henry