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Ernest Shurtleff Holmes was born on January 21, 1887 in Lincoln, Maine. He studied New Thought, being influenced over time by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Christian Science, Thomas Troward, Christian D. Larson, Ralph Waldo Trine and a bit later, Emma Curtis Hopkins.

His brother, Fenwicke, had become a Congregational minister and had moved to Venice, California. Ernest followed him to California in 1912 and began assisting Fenwicke at his church. During this time, Ernest continued his metaphysical studies and eventually started giving public lectures in 1916. His audience grew and Holmes began writing down his ideas in books, his first in 1919 entitled Creative Mind, based on a series of his talks.

Holmes formalized his philosophy in 1922 in the book entitled The Science of Mind. This book was later updated in 1938 to the version used today. Holmes went on to write many books, found the Institute of Religious Science (which later became the Church of Religious Science and is now know as Centers for Spiritual Living) and launch the magazine Science of Mind which has been in publication for over 80 years.

Holmes had a long time radio show called This Thing Called Life and for a very brief period brought that show to early television. Holmes died April 7, 1960.

NOTE: This bio is by design brief. Although other biographies are linked below, we highly recommend the one published on the Science of Mind Archives website.



Important Note about Ernest Holmes resources:  The best overall source for material on Holmes is through the Science of Mind Archives.  They have brought together one of the best compilations of his materials…..Science of Mind magazines, books and booklets that are in the public domain, audio recordings of Holmes and much more.  There are nominal charges for downloading material or you can become a member of the archives for a low cost and have access to a number of downloads each month.  I highly recommend this resource and your support of their work.  The small costs for accessing the material ensures that it remains available for spiritual students for years to come.

Other Online Biographies:

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NOTE:  There are many more online biographies of Ernest Holmes one can find by searching.

Print Biographies:

None of these are in the public domain and do require purchase or check out from local library:

Ernest Holmes:  His Life and Times by Fenwicke L. Holmes   (out of print)

The Inner Light:  An Informal Portrait of a Philosopher by William H.D. Hornaday and Harlan Ware  (out of print)

Open at the Top: The Life of Ernest Holmes by Neal Vahle  (out of print)

That was Ernest by Reginald C. Armor and Robin Llast

In His Company: Ernest Holmes Remembered by Marilyn Leo

Magazines with Content or Edited by Ernest Holmes

Science of Mind Magazine  –here the Science of Mind Archives have all of the older issues of the magazine back to 1927.

Science of Mind Magazine  –here is the website for the current publication.  There is a subsciption cost but with online access account you can access many recent past issues.

Books & Audiobooks by Ernest Holmes

Some of Holmes’ books can be found in the public domain.  Many are still protected by copyrights and should be apppropriately purchased. There are many people who have “republished” his public domain works that you can purchase, most at nominal costs.  Many can be found as e-books and audiobooks, as well.  Search Amazon or other booksellers to find books for purchase (both those still under copyright protection and those where people have republished public domain book).

The following sources are for FREE or LOW COST books only.

Science of Mind Archives     —-Archive listing for many books and booklets by Holmes for low cost purchase and download.            —-Online resource for 11 books by Holmes that you can read online.

The Science of Mind (1926 Edition)    —here you can download a free PDF, epub or Kindle version of the book.

 Recordings of Ernest Holmes

Science of Mind Archives    —-A number of audio recordings of Holmes that are available for download at low cost.


Select Online Videos about Holmes or his Writings

If you search online, especially YouTube, you will find many videos that are simply video versions of audiobooks that are in the public domain.  Where such video “audiobooks” could not be located elsewhere, they were listed above under audiobook section.  You can also find a number of videos by people who are commenting on books by Holmes. The following ones were sufficiently unique that I have included them here:

Mile Hi Church/Michelle Medrano Video about Ernest Holmes