Frederick Bailes


Brief Bio

Frederick W. Bailes was an accomplished metaphysical healer and Science of Mind teacher. He was born in New Zealand in 1889.  He moved to London, discovered the writings of Thomas Troward and began studying the power of mental healing.

Bailes would later relocate to Los Angeles, and there meet and work with the Science of Mind founder, Ernest Holmes. Bailes the Assistant Dean of the Science of Mind Institute in Los Angeles, and also headed the largest Science of Mind church of its time. Frederick W. Bailes became on of the most popular and important teachers of the Science of Mind philosophy. Dr. Frederick W. Bailes also gave weekly lectures to audiences in Los Angeles. He was also well known for his popular radio broadcasts which aired twice per week.

Bailes is  the author of Your Mind Can Heal You; Basic Principles of the Science of Mind; The Healing Power of Balanced Emotions; and Collected Essays of Frederick Bailes.

He passed away in 1970.



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Books & Audiobooks

A few of Bailes books can be found in the public domain.  Below are links to any that can be found for free.



 The Basic Principles of Science of Mind