Resource Library for the Spiritual Seeker

Conscious Bridge draws upon a number of spiritual and philosophical sources.  To assist you in your own spiritual development, we are providing below by category basic information on each of these sources and links to where you can go deeper with each topic.

Resource Library Overview

Conscious Bridge has a New Thought spiritual “point of view” that is described on our main page is repeated here:

  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
  • Our human experience is a playground for our creative expression, growth and evolution.
  • Everything is connected- “Oneness”.
  • We are evolving back to awareness of our Oneness.
  • We each have the freedom to create our lives through our thoughts, words and deeds.
  • As we evolve towards Oneness, we seek to create a world that works for everyone.

Our blogs and articles are written with this viewpoint in mind.  There are many resources that relate to this viewpoint and are referenced and included in our articles.  To supplement those writings and to assist our readers in finding and pursuing those New Thought and related resources, we have included this “Resource Library” here on our website.  The Library is divided into the following categories:


New Thought Resources   —Links and content with any resources related to New Thought directly (historically or current)


Ancient Wisdom  —Links and content related to ancient influences on New Thought.


Contemporary Spiritual Connections   ––Links and content related to “other” spiritually based resources that may not be directly called “New Thought” but are connected to our “point of view” described and we believe will be useful to the spiritual traveler who resonates with our content.


If you know of any resources that we should know about and list here, feel free to contact me at to let me know!