“In God, absolute unity is absolute multiplicity, absolute identity is absolute diversity; absolute actuality is absolute potentiality.”  ~ Nicolaus Cusanus


Ok, everything is a unity, a oneness.  All is interconnected.  However, we also live in another world where we perceive differences; we see ourselves, others and the world as separate and apart from one another. Our daily experience is filled with diversity, the multiplicity of life.

By now, the idea that we humans living amid diversity and multiplicity are also spiritual beings anchored in unity should be becoming clearer. Hopefully, you are starting to consider that these concepts are not at odds with one another but exist in a unified continuum where both are true as we move through our experience of life between the two extremes. It is a oneness experienced as both a transcendent unity and a diverse multiplicity. (NOTE: If this concept is not clear, then you may want to review some of the previous articles in this series. See the link at the bottom.)

As we grow in our awareness of this truth, we can begin to consciously shift our focus as needed for the for the moment as needed – interacting with the world of form as appropriate but also continuously growing into our living in oneness.  Our direction is ever “upward” towards Spirit and the Divine in general even though many individual moments play out appropriately in the relative world around us.  Our goal is to more and more move our awareness of the truth of our unity into our choices as we play in the field of multiplicity expressing.

None of this is to negate the importance and value of our worldly experiences.  In fact, our material lives are a crucial part of our spiritual path.  The experiences of our physical lives on earth are an enormous gift to be treasured.

This gift includes all those glorious and awe-inspiring moments —beautiful sunrises and sunsets, feeling the flow of life in nature, the deepness of connecting with another human being, the indescribable emotion of love that flows over us and much more. However, even those “ordinary” moments are a great offering from our lives here and we are called to see the “mundane” as also a time to experience life’s preciousness.

Yet, even deeper are those painful and challenging moments — the deaths, divorces, losses and the like – which we frequently wish we could avoid.  With time and distance, we can begin to see that there are gifts for our journey as well.

Everything here on earth is serving us and we need to change our thinking to see all our earthly moments in that light.  Our time here and all the diversity of our experiences are truly a deep blessing to be cherished.

Yet we must also consider the gifts of the diversity of the expression of life itself here in this dimension. Yes, the vast variety of “stuff”, from minerals to plants to animals to humans to the tools and technology made by life are all parts of the wide multiplicity of the world of form.  The Oneness of the Divine is expressing Itself and experiencing Itself via this vastness of these ever-different ways. Let us celebrate it.

Yet, in our humanness living among other human beings, we can also see the out picturing of even more diversity to be celebrated.  It shows up in so many ways.  Yes, we have differences in race, sex, body shapes, hair, faces and overall appearances. Beyond that we have different cultural beliefs and patterns.  We have different faiths and religions.  We have different beliefs about what is appropriate behavior and the like.  We have different beliefs on gender and sex. In fact, each individual person holds a unique set of beliefs personal to them and the story of their life. And, we also vary in our ideas about what is really “real” —spirit or matter or both.

In fact, there is so much diversity within the human family that we must come to the realization that each human is a unique individual unto themselves. Although sometimes on the human level this diversity can be difficult to navigate, we must grow to see the beauty and perfection in it.

The Divine is expressing through each of us and experiencing life uniquely through each of us. Why would we want to limit that expression? A realization of our ultimate Oneness living through the vast multiplicity of expressions must both be acknowledged and treasured.  We must nourish and lovingly foster the valuable uniqueness of human expressions in all their expressions – even if we don’t understand them – so long as they do not harm or inhibit the unique expression of others.


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