I just want you readers to know that I am launching a new spiritual essay series where I outline “what I have come to believe about life and our purpose”.  The first article launching in the next few days is entitled “Born in the Mystery”.

Back during the period of 2012 to 2014, I published a series of books that outlined key spiritual points that I felt compelled to highlight.  I also had this feeling that what I was saying in those four books was an overall outline of what I believed (although outlining my philosophy was not their primary goal).  Since that time, like everyone else, I have gone through many new life experiences and have grown as a person.  With such wisdom comes shifts in how one sees the world and their place in it.  I am now at a point that I want to clearly state “this is what I see to be true”.

Although most of my essential beliefs about life were a part of those previous writings, I have been toying for several years with the idea of writing a new book with this new focus.  That content has been slowing taking shape.  Some of the ideas have grown in depth through previous writings here on Conscious Bridge.  I recently realized that this new “book” would be “birthed” here in this new series of articles. My intent is to share the content as this series and to also create videos around the same content on my YouTube page. Eventually this series will be edited into my next book.  That is “the plan”. 🙂

So what is the purpose of this series/book?

I want to share with you all the important spiritual concepts that I have come to recognize as Truth in a brief, clear and consise manner.  I want to offer you ideas that you can then consider as you modify and clarify your mental map of the world and our place in it.  And, I want to offer you easy to implement practical suggestions for bringing these spiritual ideas into your life.  Brief, clear and consise, practical.  Those are my guiding principles.

As I have gained spiritual clarity, I want to use my skills in organizing ideas to help you gain clarity.  I hope you come along on the journey.

Just so you know, I will still be offering other writings here on the “bridge”.  I will still be exploring New Thought ideas and authors.  I will still be sharing other writings on spriritual topics.  My third and final article on the “dynamic tension between spiritual organizations and spiritual paths” is coming soon too. However, this new spiritual series is something that I know I MUST do.

By the way, I realize that my writings have been sporadic this past year.  That has been due to a number of reasons.  I did spend a lot of time working on the recent book “Ernest Holmes at Asilomar“.  I have been doing a lot of research work for the Science of Mind Archives (which continues). My wife and I have traveled a lot this past year as well.  These activities have limited my own writings here and the videos on my YouTube channel.  However, I assure you that 2024 will see a lot more thoughts published here.

Peace and blessings and I hope you all have a wonderful 2024.

Mark Gilbert