I am pleased to present my talk from Sunday, May 5, 2013 at the Centers for Spiritual Living Salt Lake City.  This talk is similar in title and theme to the presentation I did last year for the Science of Mind magazine and Science of Mind Archives…..but is much different in content.

I invite you to ask the 3 questions I did during the talk as you move in your memory through your life story….how big is your world?  How big is your circle of care and concern for others?  What is your idea of God?  From this, you can get an experience of how you have evolved in your consciousness through this life.

My thanks to Rev Marty Bacher for inviting me to speak in Salt Lake City and all of the hospitality I was shown by this loving community!

I also want to thank all of the communities that I have recently visited sharing this message, my workshop and my book Be Yourself.  These include:  Two Rivers Center for Spiritual Living (Grand Junction CO), Center for Spiritual Living Colorado Springs, New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living (Aurora CO), Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley (Lafayette CO), and Creative Center for Spiritual Living (Greeley CO).  I will be visiting more communities in the upcoming months!

Mark Gilbert


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