I am pleased to bring you the video presentation of a special talk I did in September, 2012, entitled “Humanity’s Evolving Consciousness — What’s Next?”

This program was sponsored by the Science of Mind Magazine and the Science of Mind Archives.  The talk benefited the archives and was held at the International Headquarters of the Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado.

How this came about — Claudia Abbott, Editor of Science of Mind,  brought me a copy of the magazine from the early 1950s with an article on spiritual evolution by GH Paelian.  She pointed out that it sounded like it could have been written today rather than 60 years ago and then asked if I would like to do a presentation based on the article as well as similar ones.  Given my interest in the topic, it was a natural for me to take on the task of looking through decades of the magazine searching for any on the subject of “evolution” and develop a presentation.

My research — I searched through the online archives of the magazine for topics on evolution.  There were many of them.  I then culled it down to a manageable number that I could cover in the time of the presentation.  I focused on what each article said about the direction of evolution, that is, “where we might  be going”.  I did not cover all of the information in each of the articles, only the pieces that fit the theme of the presentation. Within the talk, you will hear about Ken Wilber, Sri Aurobindo, Ernest Holmes, Spiral Dyanamics and much more!!

As I mention at the beginning of the talk, this process of looking for themes in evolution’s direction as given by other sources was one aspect of my recent book Be Yourself: Evolving the World Through Personal Empowerment.   For info on the book, click here.

If you want to review the rest of the articles covered in the presentation, you can get them online.  In fact, encouraging others to use these valuable resources was another goal of this presentation.  Most of the magazines from the early days up until around the last couple of years are available online at the Science of Mind Archives web site while recent issues are available at the magazine’s web site (see below for links to both).

Archives Web Site

Magazine Web Site (Note: you will need to create a log in to gain access to the archives of this site.)

My thanks to Claudia Abbott for inviting me to do this presentation. I also want to thank James Abbott, the Archives Library Manager for his assistance in this presentation as well as Ted Penberthy for his work on the video.

I hope you enjoy it!

Mark Gilbert


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