In this talk, Mark discusses the following: (1) that our consciousness is always creating but sometimes we don’t acknowledge its role in the creative process; (2) that we can chart the results of all of our thinking based on whether we acted in alignment with our thoughts or not and whether we got the intended results or not (leading to a chart with 4 boxes: A: acted/got results; B: didn’t act/got results; C: acted/didn’t get results; D: didn’t act/didn’t get results) (3) that charting our thinking-acting-manifesting this way offers us guidance on what might be occurring; and, (4) that there are some tips or guidance for us in how we might shift our actions and thoughts to experience more of what we desire.

This talk was recorded Sunday, April  17, 2016, at the Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley in Lafayette, Colorado.

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Mark Gilbert


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