In my last article, I was reviewing the book The Change Code by Monica Bourgeau which incorporates the work of Claire Graves and Don Beck and the theory of Spiral Dynamics. Reading that book caused me to reflect upon the influence Spiral Dynamics has had on my work.

Throughout the book, I so identified with where the author was coming from….discovering the theory, seeing how it explained so much of life around me that I was observing….then becoming an advocate of the theory, encouraging others to explore it and understand it.

After I discovered Spiral Dynamics (in 2002 through an article in What is Enlightenment? magazine), twice I spent a week with Don Beck (co-author of the book Spiral Dynamics) going through training and becoming certified to teach the theory. i immediately began doing workshops all over the place on the subject and incorporating it into my writings. I wanted everyone to know about it….still do.

One of my first articles in a national magazine was on Spiral Dynamics in the April 2008 issue of Science of Mind. In that article, I outlined how the theory applied to the evolution of our consciousness and religion and spirituality. Here is a link to a PDF of that article.

When I began this Conscious Bridge website, I frequently wrote articles about Spiral Dynamics or it was woven into the article to help explain some thought or observation. This search of the term on the site finds links to over 10 pages of articles referencing it (around 50 blogs). Included in those was a 3 part summary of the theory based on my Science of Mind article.

One of those articles by the way is this audio interview I did with Don Beck for Coffee Party USA online radio a few years ago. Interestingly, Bourgeau quotes from it in her book. I served on the Coffee Party USA‘s board for a couple of years, getting involved with them as a step to following my own advice to get involved as a change agent. Their mission? To address political polarization via bringing civility to political dialogue. Interesting connection with Bourgeau’s book’s desire to address polarization!

Both my books Be Yourself and Our Spiritual Evolution include multiple page coverage of Spiral Dynamics. In fact, the latter of these two books was originally a longer volume that my intuition told me to split into 3 books. The other two? Our Spiritual Rights and Responsibilities (a title that has been a bit esoteric for most folks) and Becoming a Spiritual Change Agent, both only available to date as e-books.

When I started my YouTube Channel a year or so ago, one of the first videos I did and one that has remained the most popular is a 10 minute introduction to Spiral Dynamics.  Many of my other videos reference the subject as well.

Hopefully, you can see that this theory that so many people do not know about has had a lasting impact on me. Spiral Dynamics continues to influence my worldview and my actions in the world.

If you are not familiar with it, I encourage you to review any of the resources listed here…..and Bourgeau’s book among them!


Mark Gilbert