It’s early January.  Time for resolutions and changes.  Of course, I’ve mentioned many times before that one can make changes (resolutions) at any time…it is nothing more than the setting of an intention which is hopefully followed by related action.  But, it still is a time to naturally focus on changes….the new year and all of that.

So, I am taking this opportunity to “reinvent myself”.  What do I mean by that?

To me, such a “reinvention” carries with it broader changes than a few resolutions.  I can resolve to “lose weight”….but the change to see myself as someone who eats a totally different diet (“I am vegan”, one might proclaim) or establishes themselves with some new idea of their routine physical activity (“I am a tennis player” or “I am a bicycler”, etc) is attempting to reinvent themselves (in my opinion).  One sets some behavioral changes, the other is the setting of a new identity.

I have reinvented myself many times in the past.  I was an Alabamian many years ago and decided to become a Coloradoan. I was a government executive and then chose to become a spiritual teacher and minister.  I became a writer, an author, a blogger.  I became a change agent.  I could go on….there are other roles that I decided to claim at various points in my life.

Such change and “reinvention” is natural.

From a spiritual standpoint, I can consider this:  I am a spiritual being who in my human experience is creative and wants to taste a wide variety of what is available to me during my time here.  I don’t want to be pigeonholed into being seen one way and one way only.  As long as I am gifted with the experience of this life here, I am going to look to continually reinvent myself so as to give myself permission to do new things and be a different person.

You may want to consider reinventing yourself too.  What is it you would like to do or be?  What are you waiting on?

What this Means for Me Right Now

Alrighty then.  How’s that reinvention coming?  What new roles and actions am I claiming here in early 2018?

Well all of this is open to continuous change….but here are a few things that are coming up for me at this time:

I’m a guitar player—-been thinking that was something I wanted to do for a long time….now taking lessons and practicing.  I see it now…..I really am a guitar player!

I’m bilingual—been playing with learning Spanish off and on too…..I previously said I was “studying Spanish”…..I’m shifting now to seeing myself as bilingual (but please be patient with me).

Yes, I’m a former government executive and I’m currently a New Thought minister….but I am adding to the mix that “I am a social commentator”.  This is a change in my blogging and the Conscious Bridge website… this new role, I know that I have complete freedom to blog about whatever I feel called to comment upon.  I don’t have to try and fit it into a role and the website’s “vision”….the new vision is that it is a place that I am free to comment on the world and what I am experiencing and thinking about it without stopping to fit my thoughts and commentary into any kind of box.

No boxes.  All fun.  Enjoy life.  Let’s go!

Mark Gilbert


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