You and I are both part of the creative force which brings about the events in the universe. How are you going to use your power this year?

In some philosophies, this force in its larger unified sense is called “Mind” with a capital M. Our individual minds (with a lower m) and their creative power are a subset of this Big Mind.

The bottom line is that the events in the world are rolling along from the past to the present and into the future….and in every present moment (which is the only place we truly live) we get to insert our creative abilities into the game of Life and shift things. How are you using your creative power to both shift your personal life as well as assist in directing our collective course? Is it forward towards positive growth, self actualization and self transcendence?

As I have written about previously, intentions are set by us every moment. We don’t have to wait for the new year. Every moment is a new beginning. But the start of the new year is an outer marker that serves to remind us that we can “re-mind” our lives by using the creative force we have been gifted with in this life.

So what are your intentions for this year? How are you going to use the power you have been given?

Are you going to play it small in life? Are you going to limit yourself to old habits and ways? Or, are you going to push yourself to try something new, to play it big, to work to make the world a better place in your own way?

Here are a few of my intentions, publicly proclaimed to make them even more Real….

  • I am eating healthy and exercising routinely. I am moving into being a full time vegetarian and into being vegan. (There, I said it!) I recognize what a gift my body is—and I am taking care of it!
  • I am releasing any beliefs that limit me from sharing my gifts as a spiritual evolutionary teacher and am expanding to new and higher levels in that role.
  • I am continuing to make connections with new friends and serving everyone. I am growing as a force for positive evolution on the planet .

I have more intentions….and these goals can evolve just as I do….but the bottom line is that I am aware of my role in this moment….and every moment….to move my life and all of Life forward. I have the power of Mind within me.

What are your intentions? What’s in Mind for you in 2013?

State it publicly and make it real.



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