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What exactly does “Conscious Bridge” mean?

To be conscious means to be aware. The word conscious has several connotations. Sometimes when we use the word, we mean the opposite of “unconscious”. That is, we are not in a coma, we are awake and aware of the world. However, we can be awake and aware of the world yet still be unconscious to the true meaning of what is going on around us or the choices we make.

In this meaning of the word, its opposite is “subconscious”. So by “conscious” I am referring to bringing into awareness those aspects of life that our subconscious may be controlling and determining how we look at life. Instead of as being on autopilot and making choices not knowing why, rather we hold our choices up and choose consciously what is best for us and the world.

The word “bridge” represents moving from where you are currently across the divide to where you want to be. It is a connector that brings what appeared to be two opposites together in one unity.

To be a “conscious Bridge” means the following:

  • We are aware of the highest possibilities for humanity and the planet.
  • We are aware of where humanity and the planet are currently.
  • We recognize the gap between where we are currently and our highest possibilities.
  • We focus our thoughts and choices in the direction of our highest possibilities.
  • By our conscious choices, we bridge the gap between where we are and where were called to be.

So, we are consciously bridging from where our state of affairs are now in a sense of lack, fear and separation to our ultimate state of being, which is abundance, love and a recognition of the unity of all. We are consciously bridging the differences in religions. We are consciously bridging the gap between a scientific materialism and our inner spiritual calling. We are consciously bridging the gap between seeing our differences to seeing our Oneness.

To be a “Conscious Bridge” ultimately means that we become consciously aware of our choices and how they impact not only our lives, but the world. We recognize that the only thing we can change this ourselves — our thoughts, words and deeds. We know that by each of us changing ourselves, we changed the world for the better.

Welcome!  Won’t you join us on this journey?


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