Today were pausing from our deeper spiritual and political/social commentary posts and discussing the Conscious Bridge website itself.

Recent News

Conscious Bridge is now available as a Kindle edition. We are now available along with hundreds of other blogs for download to you Kindle device. For Kindle subscriptions, CLICK HERE.

One of our articles on Conscious Bridge was picked up and run on the Spirit Daily News Blog Site. Check their site out!

Supporting Conscious Bridge

I heard this week that the number of times we need to hear or see something before it breaks our awareness has gone up. I don’t think I am anywhere near the threshold of your awareness yet in my reminders as to how you can support our web site. So here you are again:

If you purchase books on Amazon, please consider leaping from our site to go to theirs by first going to this page: AMAZON VIA CONSCIOUS BRIDGE

Scroll down to the Amazon link on that page and either click on any of the books pictured or enter a search in the box or SIMPLY CLICK ON THE AMAZON LOGO! Any purchases you make give us a small percentage of the sale and cost you NOTHING!

Also on that page is a link for making donations….thank you very much….

Or….or any page there are ads at the top that you can click on….simply “clicking through” contributes to us.


I have had a number of people contact me to tell me they appreciate the articles….either by posting comments, direct emails….or in some case in person (thanks to the folks who took the time at the UCSL-ICSL Leadership Gathering to tell me they were reading and enjoyed). I do appreciate the feedback.

I’ve had a couple of folks point out errors….generally spell check didn’t catch a similar word that my eyes didn’t catch upon multi-readings before posting….one time I posted an incorrect first name for someone….thanks for letting me know…..I do multiple proofs but obviously some errors can make their way through….they are easy to fix if I am told.

Finally, I do get asked “how can I get this via an email?”…..that’s pretty simple….enter your email address in the white box on the right side of the web page and hit the “subscribe” button …..then follow any prompts…

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving or topics you would like me to tackle!



Check out all of Mark Gilbert’s books—available at Amazon. Click here to visit his Author Page. This includes his recent one Our Spiritual Rights and Responsibilities. In this book, he offers what he suggests are the 5 basic rights we all possess by virtue of our being these spiritual beings on planet Earth — and our 2 responsibilities we all hold in relation to one another! Check it out!