It’s the end of the year and everyone is doing their lists of favorite things from this past year….no “top 10” from me but I did want to take a moment and highlight some of my favorite books, films, web sites/blogs and anything else that comes up that I want to say “YES” to and why I see it being not only enjoyable but serving our collective growth….today a few books:

Walking Through Walls

This is the memoir of author, Philip Smith, and his account of growing up with a psychic father in the 1950s and 1960s.  Philip sent me a copy of his book after reading my blog and noting that I write about the Science of Mind, something his father studied many years ago.   His father, Lew Smith, who died in 1981, was way ahead of his time in his insights on alternative healing and diet…sort of a more modern Edgar Cayce in a way….consulting his pendulum and higher spirits for guidance..and that aspect of the book is interesting.  However,  it is the descriptions of the author and his youthful angst at wanting to have a normal life while living in a household with a mother who wants to be a member of high society and a father whose life shifts from being  an interior decorator to a psychic healer that makes this book special.  Imagine a father who knew everything that you did and gave you guidance from beyond… Mary and I read this book to each other at night and we frequently were laughing out loud…get ahold of a copy of this book, you won’t regret it!

Millenium Trilogy

I don’t normally read a lot of fiction but on a long road trip from Denver to San Diego with my daughter, she plugged in the audio book of Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl Who Played with Fire” (the second book in the three book series) to pass the time and I got hooked!  The only problem was we didn’t finish the book by the time we arrived and I had to go buy a copy!  So, I went back and read book one (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), reread and completed “Fire”, and then recently finished “The Girl Who Kicked up the Hornet’s Nest”.  All in all, a couple of months of great part time reading!  Great characters, great plots, mystery books you don’t want to put down.  The style reminded me a bit of Dan Brown’s work.  However, why I am mentioning the books here?  Because they have a  strong but odd female heroine in Lisbeth Salander who overcomes much in life to be her own person….a different hero in a journalist who seeks to ferret out misjustice and highlight it so we can all be better….and the backdrop of Swedish culture which for me served to shrink the world a little bit more.   The fact that Larsson wrote all 3 of these books and died before they were published….and now is one of the top selling authors of the past couple of years also adds a bit of human interest to the reads.  There is a reason these books are bestsellers….

The Power of How

A non-fiction work by Tom Stone who is teaching some simple techniques for healing issues of the ego, moving to a place of pure awareness and freeing yourself from the issues caused by self-sabotaging thoughts and habits.  The book is an easy read, the methods he teaches are simple…..and more importantly–they work!    Mary and I frequently reference his chart of 12 core dynamics which list the categories of all of our incorrect thinking and what the “flip side” of truth is behind them…..and I have taught his methods for touching pure awareness in a number of classes this past year with great success— people can do them so easily and get immediate benefits.  Check it out if you’re not familiar with the work.

UFOs–Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record

I wrote about this book when it came out earlier this year….but I feel compelled to mention it again….author Leslie Kean has written an unusual “UFO” book, one that does not venture into speculation.  She simply presents the facts and testimory of reputable witnesses and public records to show that there is something unusual going on here on planet Earth that is worth investigating.  If you are a person who cannot say the term “UFO” without snickering and holding negative judgment, I challenge you to read this book and not have that prejudice called into question.  Why is this phenomenon which has so much evidence in support that something is going on being dismissed as unworthly of scientific investigation?  Forget SETI, let’s put some resources into studying UFOs.

Discover a Richer Life

Disclaimer—yes, I am a Science of Mind minister and have a great fondness for the writings of mystic Ernest Holmes.  I have read and re-read many of his works and discover so many things that I didn’t catch the first time around.  I have grown from his books tremendously.  I have a lot of his out of print books, but this year one that I did not own was re-published, “Discover a Richer Life” (original publication in 1961) and it quickly became my inspirational book for the year.  Although the book is fairly short and is comprised of a number of magazine articles Holmes wrote, each one is to be read and reflected upon….I took a lot of time reading and re-reading this book and have been recommending it left and right.  If you like Holmes, get a copy of this book.  If you are new to Holmes, although you would no doubt benefit from this book, you may want to read a more introductory book of his like  “The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind” or “This Thing Called Life” first.

Ok, there’s a few of the books that I really enjoyed this year…..what were a few of yours?



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