You say it’s your re-birthday, well, it’s my re-birthday too, yeah! (The Beatles, sort of)

“He who is not busy being born is busy dying” (Bob Dylan)

It’s only natural that “Conscious Bridge”, a website which is about the evolution of our consciousness, would itself evolve.  Today, I am making a couple of major changes.

As a web site, we’ve been around almost 2 years, but for the last 2 months I have not posted any articles.  It’s not because I haven’t been writing!  I have been working on a book which deals with a lot of the themes covered on the “bridge”, but more on that at another time.  I will only say that my writing focus has been “the book” and not the web site.  But the first draft of “the book” is done as of a week ago and as I move into the editing process with it… today, the web site returns!….but it’s evolving… just as you and I are every day.

The first change—a new simple look—minimalist in appearance.  This will be easier for y’all to read.  This will be easier for me to post content.  Take a look, let me know what you think…I’m still playing with it… 

The second change—shorter postings.  I have a lot of thoughts that come up that I want to share with you, but the past format had “evolved” into longer feature pieces with an accompanying picture and so forth….I will still post a longer feature from time to time, but I want to shift my focus for the moment to shorter notes so as to give you some quick thoughts, to comment on the events of the day, to share books and resources that I discover and the like.

So shorter, more to the point posts, fewer pictures, minimalist website….but all of this will evolve too….would love your feedback along the way as I shift and bob and weave with life.  Thanks for reading the Bridge….and let’s all keep truckin’ and growin’.

Happy Re-Birthday!



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