I love change and new things.  Yes, I have a deep appreciation for the past and the current state of life, but sometimes it is the new things that just get me pumped up.

Today is one  of those days!

First, my new book Be Yourself -Evolving the World Through Personal Empowerment was just released this week!  From idea to form took 2 years and a lot of growth and change, not only in the book but in me as well.  Thanks to everyone who helped along the way and provided feedback and guidance.  The book went through several iterations before intuitively I knew it was complete.  It truly was like giving birth as I posted on Facebook yesterday!

Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

Secondly, this book is the first offering from “Conscious Bridge Publishing“.  I actually formed a publishing business to bring the book out to the world.  Thanks to those who suggested this path and assisted in the development.  I expect Conscious Bridge Publishing to flourish and bring many more books and products to you!

Third,  I have a new logo for “Conscious Bridge”!  It appears on the book and it is now on our website.  Thanks to Gary Hall for his design work on it with only the most general description of what I wanted.  He took my idea and created a great look!

Fourth,  the web site www.consciousbridge.com has been revamped with a new look and feel.  Some of the pages have changed, new “static” content has been developed…..and more is coming.  This will be a work in progress, but I love the new look and I hope you do too!

Fifth,  I am also pleased by my article that was published in this month’s (November 2012) Science of Mind magazine on Arun Gandhi.  My thanks to the editors for allowing me to post a copy on the Conscious Bridge website. Here  is the link to where you can read it.

I love newness…..and more is coming!

Peace and blessings,



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