Today’s a check-in day. No serious articles. I just want to take a moment and share with you my thoughts and feelings regarding creation of this blog. And I want you, my friends and family “early adopters”, to share with me your thoughts regarding the blog itself. Nothing specific about any article (although that’s okay, too), just your feelings about tone and style of the articles, the layout of the blog, or anything else you’d like to share with me (please see my request at the end and please reply! I know everyone is busy, but I would appreciate your feedback!)

So here’s where I am… I’m enjoying writing this..I get up every morning and after my meditation, I write and then I edit..most days, that becomes that day’ s post…it’s fresh and what’s on my mind…some days the writing goes into a stockpile of articles I have already prepared.

Many of you know that I’ve been working on a book…I. have an outline of the book posted on the wall in my office…some of the blog articles were specifically written with an eye towards being contents of the book. The working title of the book is “Spiritual Evolution” and brings together concepts from science and spirituality to show how we have evolved and how we continue to evolve in mind or consciousness as we return “home” from where we came, which is from Spirit or Oneness. Maybe another day I will write about the book more.

Many days the articles are just what’s on my mind… they are not written to specifically show up in the book, but they might. Who knows? The vision for each article is always the same… no matter whether it’s seen as contents of the book are not… and that is, what is it that needs to be said, that will shift the direction of our focus and attention towards the highest possibilities and highest vision for our personal life and the life of all of us? My intent is always on that question.

Beyond the articles, I’ve been learning a lot about blogging. Some of you may know that I first created a blog on Blogger. I used it sporadically. I would write an article once or twice a month and then tell people on my Facebook page. This past December is when I decided to ramp it up. I told myself that if I could write everyday on that page and show myself I had the fortitude and focus to stay at it that I would take it to the next level. I did, and the result is this blog. I already had the website and domain but really wasn’t using it. At that point, I transitioned my blog from Blogger to using my privately hosted website using WordPress blogging software. There is greater control and flexibility this way. Hence, I’m learning WordPress as well and I’m having fun, as I have always loved computers and software!

I do have a plan for the blog… my intent is to post an article each day (I’ve given myself permission and advanced forgiveness if I don’t meet that goal)… also, my intent is to create on the website some static pages (that means they don’t change each day, nor have reply areas for comments), where I build a library of philosophical articles created from some of the blogs that explain the underpinnings of my thinking. Hence, someone coming to the website could read the daily posting and if interested could poke around on other pages and read more about stuff like Science of Mind, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory and so on.

In addition, I intend to create more links to sites, to post video and audio files or links and make the content more robust.

In a few weeks, when the layout and formatting is just like I like it and there’s a little bit more content posted, I’m going to start publicizing this blog. I’ll ask you to help me as well. I’ll use my e-mail list, Facebook, Twitter, various list serves I’m on to encourage readership. I’m researching similarly themed blogs, for me to comment on and link to. Would love any publicity thoughts you might have so that we could take advantage of “viral marketing”….by the way, if there is anyone that you know that you think would like this, go ahead and share it with them now!

So that’s the plan… here’s where you check-in, please.

So for those of you who are getting this, what are your thoughts and feelings? How can I improve the content? How can I improve the layout? Given your understanding of my intent and direction, what suggestions do you have for me?

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, I truly want to know… so any and all ideas are welcome!

Anyway you want to reply to me is fine… you can do a public post or you can contact me privately…either way, please give me your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.



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