Happy February!

Today, February 1, 2010, we are starting into the second month of this expanded “Conscious Bridge” web site.  I thought it might be time to reiterate my intention for this site and these articles.  A bit of this is available in bits and pieces in other articles and on the “why read this website” page.

My purpose really is to synthesize certain learnings I’ve had and present them in a manner I hope will help others with questions they may have on life.  I also have a personal intention to help myself as well.  Great clarity comes from writing down what you believe.

To understand my intention, you really need to understand some beliefs that I hold. One of those beliefs is that the earth and all of humanity continue to evolve. And, although the physical world still continues to evolve, it is really in the evolution of our consciousness that I believe our path continues to primarily develop. I believe that there is a direction to that evolution of consciousness. I believe that humanity is at a key threshold in our change. Previously in the evolution of humanity, we crossed one threshold when we became self-aware…that is we began to “know that we know”. Our new threshold deals with our realization that we control our destiny in the evolution of our consciousness. We are coming to understand that we are conscious co-creators in life. We are learning that our thoughts have power and that by consciously directing our thoughts, we can create our lives. More and more people are becoming aware of that power.

Another belief that I hold is that everything is connected. We may live our lives in the illusion that we are separate from everyone and everything, but ultimately part of personal evolution is to become aware that all is One. And, with the realization that everything is connected and that my thoughts have creative power, then I become aware that I want to move my thoughts and actions to be in alignment with the greatest good for everyone and everything.

So the question then becomes, what kind of lives do we want to create? What kind of world do we want to live in? The purpose of this web site is really to hold that question up in our consciousness. I want us to think about the life possible…the world possible. Each of us live our individual lives and deal with all the “stuff” that goes on in them….but if we become aware of this new threshold of being conscious co-creators and that we are all one, then we cannot help but look forward up our path and contemplate the highest possibilities and say, “how do I want my life to unfold and the planet to unfold that creates a world that works for all of us?” Although we may differ on the details, I believe there are general characteristics of a positive future that most of us can agree upon.

So, in addition to asking these questions, my intention with this web site is to shift my personal consciousness (and hopefully those who read it) in the direction of that positive future.

So some days I may be synthesizing science and spirituality to offer what I believe is true. On other days I may be looking at current events and what they offer us for our evolution. Underlying all of this is an intention to move our consciousness and our energy towards a world that works for everyone.

So….Let me see if I can say this more simply…our thoughts have power and we can choose our thoughts which lead to our words and deeds. This power or energy can be used for trivial matters or destructive purposes ….or they can be used consciously for collective good. Our conscious choice is the key. We are at a major energetic shift on the planet….I know that many of you can sense that. We have been stuck in separation and a focus on our differences. One of the shifts is to move from a sense that we are separate from one another and all of the world towards a realzation that we are connected to everything and everyone. The purpose ultimately in this web site is to shift consciousness and with that to shift energy towards our collective positive future.

What greater purpose, can there be?



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