Maybe there’s a trend away from negative confrontational sources for our news.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Here some interesting facts I came across recently – first, TV commentator Keith Olbermann recently parted ways with MSNBC.  I personally have nothing against Keith, but the reports surrounding the end of his TV program reference the potential that the network was moving towards a “new civility” in political discourse.  Additionally, there were reports of a 20% decline in his ratings.  Maybe its a ratings/money decision—but then, if less of us are watching what we think is potentially polarizing…..

On the other end of the political spectrum, on Fox news, Glenn Beck has seen an even more dramatic decline in his ratings, losing close to two thirds of his viewers in the last 12 months.  Furthermore, Public Policy Polling recently announced that Fox news has seen a decline in the percentage of Americans who trust them as a news source – from 49% down to 42% in the past year.  This year’s most trusted TV news source?  PBS.  Interesting.

Could all of this be indicative that Americans are getting tired of news that is slanted in one political direction which appears to foster divisiveness?  One can hope.



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