Everyday is “oneness” day.  Everyday we should take time to practice sensing and knowing that everything is connected, that everything and every person is an expression of that oneness…whether you choose to call it God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Source or Bob.  The people looking at you are an expression of that One just as you are.  We are all spiritual beings having our own divine experience.  If we could see that each day, then maybe we might be a little kinder to one another.

In 2010, Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch through his “action” group “Humanity’s Team”, proclaimed October 24 “Global Oneness Day”.  Coming up this week is the third “oneness” day.  They have a website and are offering a free day long seminar by a group of oneness teachers to help us re-orient our thinking towards Oneness.

If you think you could use a little help in moving your focus towards oneness, check out the links:

Global Oneness Summit Sign Up

Video Promo on YouTube


Check out all of Mark Gilbert’s books—available at Amazon. Click here to visit his Author Page. This includes his recent one Our Spiritual Rights and Responsibilities. In this book, he offers what he suggests are the 5 basic rights we all possess by virtue of our being these spiritual beings on planet Earth — and our 2 responsibilities we all hold in relation to one another! Check it out!