Today we shine our light on two bright spots.

Remember the other day when I encouraged you to find bright spots in your life… those things that are working well… and give them your energy, your attention, your focus.  That which you focus on, grows.

Let’s focus all of our lights on these bright spots and grow them on the planet!

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Free Movies

First, free movies….well, of course, you might say, nothing really is free.  There is no monetary cost for these films, but they do ask you to pay it forward by sharing the movies with 10 people.

Filmmaker Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee was a musician who five years ago, took the concept of oneness and put it into practice in his life.  Armed with grant money, he began producing short, uplifting movies and making them available for free.  All of the films point us towards the highest potential for humanity.  They look at issues, but turn the light on solutions.

You can watch the films online at the Global Oneness Project or you can request a DVD at no cost.  Again, the only cost is to pay it forward.  See the short video here, which explains the process.

I recommend you see the film “What Would It Look Like?”  It is available on their website or via DVD.  It’s 25 minutes long and worth it.  I like it because we are always talking here about visualizing what the highest possible world would look like.  The film discusses that question!

Watch the films and be inspired by them.  Then see where you can create those bright spots in your life.

Another Bright Spot

One of the films available from the Global Oneness Project is called “Seva Café: Love All, Serve All.”  I have made it available here.  It’s four minutes long.  Take a few minutes and be inspired. And “pay if forward” and inspire your friends!  Enjoy!



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