Occasionally, I like to share some things that come across my awareness that either uplift the spirit, give us hope for humanity, point us in the right direction or give us useful tools in our capacity as “evolutionary change agents”.

No, I’m not talking about cute pictures of kittens doing unusual things!  (Although camels drinking water is kind of nice, don’t you agree?)

More of a potpourri of links and articles….

Good News!

Did you see the article about Bill Gates and Warren Buffett getting a number of billionaires to donate up to half their money to worthy causes? The actions here certainly go against much of the selfish news we often hear about.  Here’s the link: LINK TO ARTICLE

Keep Your Awareness on the  United Nations Millennium Development Goals

I have written several articles here at the “bridge” about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. I have been attempting to both call your attention to these important milestones (agreed upon by most nations) and to gain your support for our global progress towards meeting them. These goals are truly steps towards us creating a world that works for everyone! Most recently I cited them in the “3rd Dimension” series and I wrote in detail about them in May with the article “A Blueprint for Pursuing the World that We Seek“.  Continue to pay attention—You are going to hear more about these goals over the next couple of months, not only from me but from other sources, as we move closer to a big UN summit meeting in New York in September. For example, here is a recent article by spiritual writer Marrianne Williamson in the Huffington Post which is worth a read. I am happy to see that Marrianne has joined me in encouraging you to become aware and become proactive in this arena!

Great Online Video Resource!

One more wonderful resource that I have found inspirational lately—“Karma Tube”—videos that are uplifting and positive. Check out their library of short and well done videos and sign up to get email notices of new videos….LINK TO KARMA TUBE.

What are some the good news items or uplifting resources you have come across?  Would love to hear from you!

Enjoy! Peace and Blessings!



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