We all know that the only constant is change itself – things are always in motion.  Change is a continuous backdrop to our lives, so much so that it takes something really unusual sometimes for us to even notice it.  This morning I can really feel a small revolution occurring.

On the one hand – or maybe I should say on the one foot – the universe called attention to change by way of holes in my socks.  A few years ago I told myself that I was not going to wear holey socks!  Whenever I pull one out of the drawer, I throw it away.  This morning I tossed four socks!  This comes on the “heels” of discarding several more over the past week.

For you rationally minded people, these were not socks all bought at the same time such that you’d expect them to wear out simultaneously.  I’m running out of socks!  It’s truly odd – both the situation and the collection of one-of-a-kind unmatched hosiery sitting in my drawer.  My socks are telling me that we have hit a period of unusual alteration.

On the other foot, I had a dream last night that is saying the same thing!  I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember roaming around this room that had all these cages in it with locks on the cage doors.  Inside the cages were people – one of them was Bob Hope!  I had the sense that the room was about to fill up with water and only I held the key to release the people from the cages.  I was contemplating my next action when I woke up.

What was that about?  My wife with her prior life as a psychotherapist has taught me that water usually means transformation.  She always reminds me to try and get in touch with my feelings about the dream and its components.  I can sense that somehow I hold “the key”.  Cages are where we feel contained or restricted.  Generally speaking, we can often consider the other people in the dream such as Bob Hope to be aspects of myself.  Did Bob drop by to tell me I might be “on the road to” somewhere?  So maybe it all means that as the change or transformation is about to come in, I’m trying to figure out whether to unlock or not other aspects of my being where I have felt contained.  As Mary would put it, this is my “dime store analysis”.  Or…it could be that hummus I had for dinner and Bob Hope showed up just to introduce a little humor.

I’m pretty sure my socks and my dream are about change.  Do you ever get weird clues like that?

It could be all about some changes that are going on in my personal life – but why give me clues?  I already know about those changes.  Maybe it’s something more?

This morning in my meditation a whole stream of information came forth about this blog site – it’s tagline, its content, its organizational structure.  I sat and journaled for a while to capture the ideas.  I know that the name “Conscious Bridge” will not change – nor will the intent to raise awareness to move us forward to our highest possible future.  But I am certain that certain aspects of conscious bridge are about to change for the better…to take it to a higher level.

I would love your suggestions!  E-mail me, post a comment, write on my Facebook wall, send me a tweet – just let me know what you like and your ideas for positive change!

Change is a-foot.  Stay tuned.  And – pay attention to the weird clues that show up in your life!



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