I have been writing and publishing this website since January 2010. For those of you who are regular readers, you probably noticed that my postings started getting more and more irregular beginning in the middle of 2017.  As I have written about before HERE, the loss of my beloved dog Harmony called me to a time of grieving which brought me to not wanting to write.

Further changes included the adoption of a new dog, Penny, which I wrote about HERE.  My recent talk at the Northern Colorado New Thought Center for Spiritual Living shared a lot of details on my personal journey with Harmony and Penny and the audio of the talk can be found HERE.

One other big change in my life was that 4 months ago my 95 (now 96) year old father was moved from Alabama to Colorado to live with my wife and I.  This has obviously been a big change in our lives and the role of being the primary caregiver for my elderly parent is not one that I had really prepared myself to live.  I am learning as I go.

In the midst of all of this personal changes has been a desire to return to Conscious Bridge and revamp and reinvigorate it.  I value the writings here….they (and I) have grown and changed through the past 8 and 1/2 years…as I look back on many of them, they do reflect timeless thoughts.  Yes, there are a few that had a short “shelf life”….but they simply highlighted where I was at that time, so for me they continue to contain value.

I have changed Conscious Bridge many times over the years….although the topical focus has generally remained the same, the look and feel…the categories….the approach to the focus has shifted over time.  At certain points the website has been subject to a major shift as I have grown.  We are at the points of one of those shifts….and it is only normal that as I evolve and grow, the website organically grows as well.

Although things will continue to “shake out” over the next weeks and months, here is where I see things going now:

First, new categories for the menus and posts….

One will be a major area of “commentary” that includes my thoughts on politics, culture and spirituality.  This is where most of the past postings have been.

Another will be a major area of “personal” content where I provide reflections on life, recommendations on ideas and tools that I find useful….and a general “miscellaneous” grouping for things that don’t fit otherwise.  This area is a leap for me in sharing more of what is going on with me….I have done some of this in the past but am feeling to be more open and transparent in the future.

The other main “menu” item will be what I am currently calling “spiritual life classes“.  I have been sitting with this idea for over a year and it is time to bring it forward.  The name may change, but the idea is that it will be an umbrella for 2 kinds of “classes”….one is to serve as a guide through online resources that when approached in a logical sequence in a self paced way, one can accomplish certain learning goals…the other is to offer direct contact classes (conference call or face to face) on certain topics.  There will be more on all of this in the upcoming months.

Other organic changes include:

More short and sweet postings that can be shared more frequently.

To facilitate these, I intend to make them easier for me to post on the site and you may see less pictures.

So….that’s the thinking at the moment…..I have put the intention “out there” now…..let’s watch in manifest!

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see…..


Mark Gilbert