Has the stress of modern life weighed you down?  Are you tired of all of the conflict and turmoil that seems to accompany our busy world?  Are political differences, the nightly news, the pace of work and the excessive demands on your time stressing you out?  If so, it sounds like you could benefit from some “happiness practices”!

I am frequently recommending here on Conscious Bridge that we take time to enjoy our lives.  In fact here are some links to a few of reader’s favorites:

Happiness – a Balancing Act ….suggesting 4 keys to having more happiness.

Choose Happiness  ….a reminder that happiness can always be a choice.

Joy! If Not Now, When? ….3 steps to bring joy into your life.

This human experience we have, even with all of its bumps and wrinkles, is a true gift.  We just need to have some tricks up our sleeves that can redirect our attention from the stress of our outer lives towards recognizing what really is important and what feeds our sense of joy.

Well, the folks over at the Greater Good Science Center have developed a website that can be just the tool we need!

There you will find a good comprehensive description of some personal practices that can help you with bringing more happiness into your life.  These include ones that can help develop more gratitude, build up your optimism, grow your sense of kindness towards others and enhance your overall awe for life.  Better yet, they are all based on research and they are free!  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

As I write this, there are currently 41 different personal practices crossing into around 12 subject areas that are well described in step by step manner.  Some of the practices have streaming audio to accompany the written description.  There are a number of them that I have taught myself in classes and workshops and can attest to their benefit.

This is a great free resource and highly recommended.

Here is the link to the “Greater Good in Action” website.

Bookmark it. Use it. Bring more happiness and joy into your life!

Mark Gilbert

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Photo credit: Rickydavid / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND