I have written previously about the Coffee Party USA and their stated mission to “incite civility and reason” into the political arena.  And, in recent times, I have even volunteered my time to assist them in their goals. In the creation of a world that works for all, there must be room for differences of opinion and the ability to express them freely with one another with out it sliding into negativity and personal attack.  The diversity of our beliefs and their interaction is what allows for that juicy place where ideas merge and new and greater ideas emerge.

Coffee Party USA is starting a series of monthly events beginning this very month.  Interested parties are encouraged to read Ralph Nader’s recent book Unstoppable – The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State, submit comments and questions, and then join in as party leaders discuss the book on an upcoming Blogtalkradio program on on January 26th at 8:30pm EST.  This is also the 5th anniversary of the Coffee Party USA (coincidentally it is Conscious Bridge’s 5th anniversary too…more on that later this month!) Here is a link to read more about the Coffee Party USA, their upcoming events and ways in which you can become engaged.

I have read Nader’s book and highly recommend it.  In it, he describes ways in which we can realistically find common ground among what appears to be quite polarized ends of the political spectrum.  He also offers 25 needed political reforms that he believes are doable through “convergent action”.  You can read a list of them here.  The book goes into more detail about each item. No matter what your personal political persuasion is, I hope that you recognize the need for us to find common ground where we can and put in place solutions that move the United States forward in a positive way.  I recommend Nader’s book for both its realistic ideas as well as its inspirational call to action to move us toward positive change.

I hope you will check out the Coffee Party USA as well as Nader’s book.  By the way, you can purchase Unstoppable through the Coffee Party USA website.  While you are there, consider signing their petition to overturn the Citizen’s United ruling.

Mark Gilbert