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Brief Bio

Eric Butterworth served as Unity minister, author, and radio personality.

He was born in Winnipeg, Canada, on September 12, 1916. He later moved to southern California. Butterworth’s mother, May Butterworth, became a Unity minister in 1941. He soon began his own training for the ministry at Unity Village, Missouri. He left to join the army. . After World War II, he returned to his ministerial studies. He was ordained in 1948.

Butterworth ministered in four Unity communities: Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Detroit and New York City. While in Detroit, the congregation raised funds to build the Detroit Unity Temple, the largest Unity church at that time. More than 2,000 people attended his Sunday services each week. In 1961, he began his ministry in New York City. His Sunday lectures were held at Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, and then Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, where the weekly attendance grew to several thousand.

Butterworth authored 14 popular religious books, including Discover the Power Within You and Spiritual Economics. Butterworth hosted the radio show “Eric Butterworth Speaks” for a number of years.

Butterworth died in April 2003 in Greenwich, Connecticut.



Other Biographical Resources

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TruthUnity.Net      —This is the main entry page for a host of Unity resources.  There is a bio of Butterworth and links to many articles written by him and recordings of workshops and more.  For some of the more outstanding resources here, I have linked a few direct links below.

Online Recordings

NOTE: There are a lot of Butterworth’s talks online.  Many are available via Unity websites (including  More are available via YouTube and other sites.  These shared below are all freely available and this is not an exhaustive list!

Talks by Butterworth  –here is the master listing of 79 (to date) of talks by Butterworth…primarily Sunday services at Unity in NY. Links to the talks and transcripts.

Apple Podcasts   — same as above 79 talks but through Apple

iHeart Podcasts  —ssame as above 79 talks but through iHeart

Eric Butterworth On The Air   — page with links to 12 recordings of Butterworth’s radio show with written transcripts.

A Course in Practical Metaphysics  — page with links to 8 lectures (see the links at the top right). On the page for each lecture, you can play the Butterworth audio (or download) and read the transcript.

Eric Butterworth on the 10 Commandments  — page with 11 audio playable and downloadable talks about the 10 commandments.

Antecedents of New Thought  —the main page for an 11 part audio course by Butterworth with an overview of the various sources of ideas that fed New Thought. You must go to each of the 11 parts on a separate page for each (links at top right where the lecture numbers and titles are).  Once on each page, you can play or download the audio and read transcripts.  This is a great resource and highly recommended!

7 Part Series: “7 Aspects of Truth:

Part One-Law of Being

Part Two-Law of Unfoldment

Part Three-Law of Attraction

Part Four-Law of Truth

Part Five-Law of Love & Non-Resistance

Part Six-Law of Reversability

Part Seven-Law of Compensation

“Discover the Power Within You Series” (based on Butterworth’s popular book):

Note: Where the talks are available from, I have linked to them as they contain options to play or download and include transcripts.  Where not available, links are to YouTube. There appears to be some discrepancy on the numbering of lessons 11-12, it is my belief that the “lesson 13” is really lesson 11.  Also one can find a training class outline on the site if one wanted to teach a class on the concepts on the book.

Part One-The Quest, the Discovery, the Decision

Part Two-The Larger Thought of God

Part Three-From Sinners to Masters

Part Four-The Beatitudes

Part Five-Your Thought is Your Life

Part Six-The Law of Non-Resistance

Part Seven-The Forgotten Art of Prayer

Part Eight-The Gospel of Prosperity

Part Nine-Jesus’ Formula for Healing

Part Ten-Jesus and Reincarnation

Part Eleven-When Shall the Kingdom Come?

Part Twelve-The Great Demonstration

Listing of other individual talks:

Religion of the Future

Your Divine Potential

Discipline and Success

You Always Have a Choice

The Devil Myth Exposed

The Silence – What Meditation Is

The Living Process of Loving



Books & Audiobooks

None of Butterworth’s books can be found in the public domain.  Most of his books can still be found via bookseller searches.  Search Amazon or other booksellers to find books for purchase.  

Amazon Author Page

However, there are many freely available transcripts of Butterworth’s talks that can be found online.  See the links above for many of his talks which have accompanied transcripts.  Also here is a Unity archive of downloadable pdfs of transcripts of many of his Sunday talks:

Eric Butterworth Papers