What is your special ability or talent? Are you expressing it? Are you helping others to find theirs and express it?

Recently I laid out a list of human rights and responsibilities. Today we look specifically at this one:

“By virtue of being infused with the spirit of life, all humans possess the right to express their unique human gifts and talents fully.”

Of course, all of our rights come with these responsibilities:

  • The responsibility to ensure that every other human may freely express their rights.
  • The responsibility to ensure that in the expression of one’s rights that they do no harm to any other human.

I happen to believe that we all came to the planet with some unique talent or gift we are supposed to express in our life. It’s our reason for being. God or Spirit or the Infinite Intelligence that infused us with life did so in order that It might experience this dimension through us. But Spirit did not want us all to do the same thing. It gave us an infinite variety of gifts so that It could experience a multiplicity of life experiences through us. Squandering our talent denies Spirit that experience.

I also happen to believe that the special talent that wants to come through us is one that furthers the overall evolution of the planet. In other words, when we express our talents at the highest level, we generally are serving humanity in some way. Our life becomes about service to others. In serving others, we make the life experience better for them and it models behavior for others such that they want to be of service as well. It’s a beautiful spiral of giving and receiving and giving and receiving.  And that spiraling experience moves us to the higher evolutionary expression of our true human nature–which is our spiritual nature.

In bringing about the expression of this human right and responsibility – to express our talent in service into encourage others to express theirs – we encounter two basic obstacles. One is that many claim not to know what their special gift is or how to make a living at it. The second is that human greed and selfishness frequently leads to some people suppressing other people’s talents.

I truly believe it’s important that we discover our purpose for being. There is no big or small in purpose. We humans are the ones who make such distinctions. Whether one is the President of the United States, waits tables, parents children, writes books, wires houses, cleans stables, flies jets or any other the many ways in which humans show up – it makes no difference in what we do, so long as we are doing what we truly feel we were called here to do.

So how does one find what they’re supposed to be doing? Whole books have been written on this topic. Elsewhere, I’ve written a lot about it myself. In the interest of brevity, I’ll simply offered two clues to guide you – one comes from inside you, one comes from outside you.

First, what is the one thing that you have always felt you were here to do? When you look inside yourself and truly ask your heart what your purpose for being is, what message comes through?

Second, what is the one thing that your life keeps leading you back towards? If you look back over your life’s history, can you seem to discern what appears to be a conspiracy to keep preparing you for some task and keeps presenting the opportunity for you to do it?

Meditate and journal on those questions. Most likely you’ll find your purpose.

Yet many people even if they know their life purpose will talk themselves out of following it. Logic and practicality convince us that whatever our calling may be is totally unrealistic. We don’t know how to get started. We can’t see any way to make money. We think we need training or degrees or some other change in life experiences before we can even approach beginning to serve in the capacity we know we are supposed to be.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Blah, blah, blah. Fear, fear, fear.

Time to let go of all of that! Time to live the life you were called here to live!  Time to claim your human right to live on purpose now!

Next time– we look at how human greed and selfishness gets in the way.



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