Yesterday, we considered that who we are is not the story we tell ourselves….we may think that  “We are Little Pockets of Consciousness! ” …but who we really are is something greater and bigger.  You may want to go back and read that article if you haven’t.

In fact, you are part of something so big that most of us have a hard time wrapping our mind or imagination around it!

Our Mind is a Part of the Mind of Spirit

Previously,  we considered that the cells in our body have an intelligence or mind that directs their activities but at their level of awareness they cannot sense the level of mind/consciousness/awareness that we carry around in our human existence each day.  A drop of blood has no concept of our collective awareness of our entirety as a human.

Similarly, we have a hard time limiting our perception to what it might be like to be a drop of blood.  It’s been said that our brains really work like a screening tool filtering out of our awareness all of the sensory input that is available.  Most of the business of our bodies are carried out automatically without our conscious awareness.  Yet it has been shown that we can exert conscious control over those functions with training.  Our human consciousness is tied to the consciousness of lower bodily functioning. Similarly, our brains also limit the flow of external sensory data into our awareness.  We only hear and see small sliver of the spectrums of sound and light.  Can you imagine what your consciousness would be like if you had in your awareness all of the awareness of all of your internal cells as well as all of the flow of external sensory input around us?  Neither can I.

But just as you are made up of smaller aspects of consciousness,  your consciousness and your experiences actually feed the knowledge and intelligence of  a still higher awareness.  Many suggest that this higher awareness might exist in intermediate levels such as “the collective consciousness of all humans” or Gaia (the consciousness of the planet Earth).  But ultimately most mystics tell us that  our  awareness feeds and is connected to the collective experiences of Spirit at the highest level….the  totality of all that is.

Multiplicity in the Unity

So this experience by Spirit or God of our lives at the collective level  is what is meant by “multiplicity in the unity”.   There is unity at the highest level, but it is experienced as multiplicity as we humans “knock around in life” telling ourselves that we are unique and apart from everything.

Consider this….if you were God or Spirit and could experience everything completely….then to have the greatest experience possible, you might have to take your awareness and “divide it up” into parts that were not aware that they were part of the whole….and you might have to take these individual aspects of yourself that had forgotten and  “stretch them out” so that they experience time and space….and you might have to give them  the ability to make “free will choices” so that you wouldn’t already have predetermined the experience as they play around in time and space.  By doing this….you wouldn’t know exactly what was going to happen per se…..and you would have an infinitely more varied experience than if you had not created this scenario.

Of course, even though Spirit allowed the flow of consciousness to “forget” that it is a part of Spirit…..Spirit did keep itself as the ultimate “sensor” of all experiences….Spirit gets the collective experiences of everything everywhere while we are in a state of forgetfulness.  But all is not lost!  We are also in a state of re-minding….of coming back….of returning….as we evolve in complexity and deepness of consciousness, we begin awakening to the Truth of our connectedness….we remember from where we came….and through the force of love…drawing us out and sensing our connectedness to things and people and events outside of us…we deepen in our sense of Oneness with everything….andwe go back to Spirit.

Our Goal

So, as we walk around each day, we may tell ourselves stories about who and what we are. When we come from our lower levels of awareness, our stories are mired in the world of effects and separation. When we come from our higher levels, our stories shift towards unity. Let us lift our heads upwards towards “heaven”, that is a sense of Oneness, and live our lives seeing our Truth, our Beauty, our Perfection, our Oneness. That is our charge each day, to move our attention to the higher levels of our consciousness. It is our goal.  It is our calling.



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