This fact seems so basic, but it’s so easy to forget.  Is there an area in your life were you feel you don’t have a choice?

Most metaphysical teachings such as the Science of Mind and Spirit, advise us that we have the freedom to choose our thoughts, words and actions.  They tell us if we change our thinking, we can change our lives.

Easy Choices to Harder Choices

Many people when they encounter these teachings for the first time can think of plenty of examples in their life where they feel they have no choice.  Sure they can see where they have a choice in what clothes they wear each day, what food they eat their meals, which TV program they watch, etc. But when it gets to the bigger issues, it’s frequently harder to see where we have a choice.

If I don’t like my job but I need the security of its income, where’s my choice?  If I find myself in a bad relationship but we have kids to raise, where’s my choice?  If I find myself taking care of an elderly parent which keeps me from doing other things, where’s my choice?  You can fill in your own situation here where you feel you have no choice.

Seeing Choice in Harder Situations

No matter which situation we take, no matter how “choice-less” it seems, we can find choices in it.  You don’t like your job but you feel you need the income?  Okay.  Then I suggest you take a look at your job and identify any areas that you like and focus on enjoying them.  Focus on growing them if possible.  Identify what really brings you pleasure in life, and then brainstorm possibilities of where you can bring these expressions into your job.  In other words, where in your work can you grow your passion?  Where can you bring more love?  How can you serve at a higher level?  How can you be a positive force for the world in your current job?  The key is to envision a positive future, see where your passions and interests move you towards that future, and then try to find any alignment between your passions and that positive future that can be served for your work.  To quote Wayne Dyer, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

And, although I’m not suggesting you at your job, frequently a new job is the best path.  I’ve heard stories from so many people who were fired from a job that they thought they had no choice in leaving.  They couldn’t release it on their own, so the universe opened the possibility for them.  Every person who’s ever told me such a story, after some time and the fear and the hurt has passed, tell me that being fired was a gift.  It freed them to see they had a choice.  It freed them to find a new career, where they could align their passions and purpose and bring meaning to their lives.

Again, every situation has choices.  Even Viktor Frankl who found himself in a Nazi concentration camp wrote about the freedom he had.  He found freedom within, in his thoughts.  No matter how bad the situation “out there” in the physical world is, no matter how much ” out there” seems to limit our freedom, we always have the freedom of how we look at life.

As people continue to practice these principles, they begin to see more and more where they have choices in their lives.  They began to open all areas of their lives to greater possibilities.  They experience choice in their thoughts and actions regarding their jobs, careers, income, relationships, opportunities for creative expression, health, and more.

Do You Still Have Areas Where You Believe You Have No Choice?

Yet no matter how skilled people become in taking ownership in how their life unfolds, no matter how good they get at manifesting a positive life through the power of their thoughts, many people hit some area where they feel they have no choice.  Sometimes these choice-less areas are hard to see.  So even if you believe you’ve mastered the power of positive thinking, I would encourage you to explore the boundaries of life where you feel you have no choice in bringing choice to them.

So where do you believe you have no choice?

Is it in some of the areas already mentioned… jobs, careers, relationships?

Is it in the highest expression of your unique creative abilities?  Is there some talent in you that you want to express the don’t see where you have the choice to do so?

Is it in some habit that you believe you cannot shake?

Is it making a difference on the planet?  Is it in healing the divisiveness of people?  Is it an ending war and injustice?  Is it in bringing equity to all in their standard of living?

Is there some aspect of your personal life or some aspect of the role you play in planetary life that just seems so overwhelming that it is beyond anything you can “do” about it through the power of choice?  Change that thought.  You can do it.

The highest possibilities for planet Earth and the future of humanity calls for everyone to see the power they hold in all their personal choices, great and small, and to choose wisely.



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