As I stated previously, the purpose of this website is to share information and foster dialogue on how we can use the power of our thoughts to create the highest possible future for humanity. That’s a lofty goal, I know. But like any large goal, it’s only attainable by breaking it down into smaller goals that are more manageable. So then that lofty goal, really can be attained by each of us making choices in our daily lives that are in the direction of the highest possible future.

But that raises the big question… given any situation in my life, how can I always know which choice is for my highest good and the highest good of the planet? In other words, given a situation large or small, how can I know which choice is “right”?

I’ve always found great wisdom in these words from the mystic Ernest Holmes, “The criterion for any man as to what is right or wrong for him is not to be found in some other man’s judgment. The criterion is: Does the thing I wish to do express more life, more happiness, more peace for myself, and at the same time harm no one? If it does, it is right. It is not selfish. But if it is done at the expense of anyone, then in such degree we are making a wrong use of the Law.”

I usually boil that down to asking myself if what I’m about to do ” expresses more life and harms no one?”

Of course the devil’s in the details, meaning reasonable people sometimes disagree on when something is expressing more life or when something might be harming someone. For example, a few days ago I stopped into a local Starbucks. Sitting at one of the tables was a scruffy gentleman nursing a cup of coffee and working to create small items of jewelry out of beads and strings he had laid out on the table. I immediately sensed some of the other patrons were bothered by the presence of this man. I stopped and asked him what he was making and he proudly presented me his artistic creations and insisted I take a gift of a key chain after complimenting his work.

So was this gentleman expressing more life and harming no one? In my opinion, he was certainly expressing life through his call to create his jewelry. And, I felt he was really harming no one by creating key chains at a table at Starbucks although some of the other patrons might have disagreed.

I’m sure you can think of plenty of situations in your life, where people disagree on whether something is right or wrong even if using the criteria I offer here. So how do we get to the truth in such situations? There’s two ways.

The first, which most of us use, is to go to our minds and try to logically argue which way is right or which way is wrong. We weigh pros and cons. We often take into account the opinions of experts or which answer the majority agrees with. There’s nothing wrong with using the mind in this approach.

However, there is a second way that we can get at truth when trying to determine if something is right or wrong–trying to decide if something expresses more life and harms no one. That way is to take it into the silence within us… to go within… to ask our higher selves… to listen to our intuition… to seek the wisdom of Spirit or Infinite Intelligence. There, in the silence, we will usually get an inner sense of what truly is best for ourselves and everyone.

Therefore, my suggestion for you today is when faced with a situation when you’re not sure which way to act, do this: ask yourself, which choice expresses more life and harms no one? If the answer is not immediately clear, then certainly use your mind to logically weigh the choices, but also take it in your heart and listen….and then trust your intuition.

Blessings and enjoy life.



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