I’m asking all of us to be a conscious bridge to move the world to a positive future.

That sounds great till the world throws us situations which challenge us. Sometimes it’s a challenge to remain “conscious” when our emotions take over. There are other times when we feel like we are “conscious”, but the complexity of the situation calls us to question what’s the best action to take. Let’s look at a couple situations.

You are stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway. You and everyone else in the left hand lane have politely merged into the lane to the right about 300 yards away from one of those flashing arrow signs which had long been visible. You are in a hurry, and this traffic has frustrated you. Now someone comes speeding along in the left-hand lane and seeks to merge into your lane ahead of you. You can sense anger at this person because if he had done the “right thing.” In your mind, they should’ve already merged in behind you. So what is the “positive future” reaction you make?

Do you let them in and bless them, thinking maybe they must be a bigger hurry than you? Do you not look their way to keep the space between you and the car in front of you very close so they can’t merge? Do you glare at them and shoot them an ugly hand gesture?

Another situation…

After watching a documentary film, and then doing some follow-up research, you determine that the company you work for is contributing to the obesity epidemic by how they are marketing fattening foods to our youth. You enjoy your job, and it offers you meaningful outlets for your creativity. What do you do?

Do you look for ways within your sphere of influence within the company to help guide them away from this activity? Do you continue to work for the company, but badmouth them every chance you get? Do you quit the company in disgust the first chance you get?

So, how would you consciously handle these situations in a way that bridges us to our positive future?



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