So much has been written about love, not to mention sung about it, we could launch into a book just trying to answer these questions. But no worries, no book here today, just a few brief paragraphs floating between the head and the heart to offer my thoughts on the topic.

So what is love? Love is one of those topics that you can point at with your words but your words are not “it”. You have to feel it. We’ve all felt it. There is this welling up inside you where you have an overwhelming sense of emotion that comes from some indescribable place (both from within you and outside of you) and fills your being with a sense of care, concern, compassion, and connectedness to something or someone beyond “you”. Just take a moment, and recall a situation in your life when you had an overwhelming sense of love. Step into that feeling for a moment…did my words come close “to pointing at” the feeling but not quite capture it?

I know for me there are those gentle, tender moments where my heart is open and there is this general sense of love for everything and everyone. And then I also have those moments where there is a specific external something that is the focus of an overwhelming outpouring of emotional love. I can still recall the overpowering sense of love that filled my very being when my children and grandchildren were born. I know that my beautiful chocolate lab, Harmony (pictured here), can invoke so easily this strong emotional response, just by her very being. This sense of love can come up at any time and any place. I know there are moments in nature where something such as a beautiful sunrise can touch me so deeply that it ignites a fire of generalized love of life in that moment. Even last night watching a television commercial for a jewelry store wherein a man was asking his girlfriend to marry him, this emotion of love was called forth at such a level within me that I had to go in the other room and hug my wife. Again, all I can do is describe the moments, I know that you truly have to feel it to know it. I know you do feel it.

So why is love? Evolutionary scientists tell us that love is an emergent property that came forth in the evolution of species, where their young were born not fully mature. The emergence of love was simply an adaptation that was favorable to such species that were growing larger and more complex. Those who developed a powerful emotional attachment to their young, took better care of them, thus allowing more of them to grow to maturity, reproduce, and pass on more of their genes. And, love served an evolutionary purpose in binding together a male and a female for long periods of time. Such love, kept them together to raise their vulnerable young, again increasing the odds of their babies reaching maturity to reproduce.

I believe that these scientists are correct in that love is an evolutionary force. However, I think they only have part of the story. Yes, the emergence of love, may have served to connect us to our young as well as our mates and served to further the propagation of the species. But then the question arises, how did this emotional feeling of love get so defused that our hearts are opened by so many people, so many things, so many moments? So much of my sense of love has no connection to my mate and babies. Materialistic scientist may explain this away as some type of emotional displacement, but I think they’re missing the mark.

The powerful feeling of love is continuing to serve the further evolution of humanity. Love is a powerful evolutionary force that calls us to feel a sense of connectedness to something beyond us. It may have started with our mates and children, but it continues to connect us to larger and larger circles outside us. Our minds and thoughts convince us that we are little pockets of consciousness walking around, independent of everyone and everything. The emotion of love calls us to remember the truth that we are connected to everyone and everything. Our heads may try to tell us we are separate, our hearts tell us we are one.

We are at a critical point in the evolution of humanity. We are shifting from seeing ourselves as separate from each other and moving into a new awareness that understands our uniqueness and how that uniqueness feeds and nourishes the whole. Much like how in our evolutionary past our cells differentiated themselves into performing unique functions while supporting in the growth and evolution of our whole body, we are shifting in our understanding of how our individual consciousness supports the growth and evolution of our collective consciousness of the one humanity.

As mystic Ernest Holmes put it, ” Evolution is the awakening of the soul to a recognition of its unity with the Whole” and frequently reminded us that “love points the way”. French philosopher, Jesuit priest and paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin put it this way, “Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.”

So today, let’s cultivate that sense of love within all aspects of our life….let us set an intention to call love forth in all we do…and when we feel the love coming forth through us, let us acknowledge it and revel in it and infuse it with all the energy of our being. Let us see it igniting within us a sense of care and concern for all. As de Chardin counseled us, “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”



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