Recently, my wife and I were at a program waiting for it to start.  As we sat there, our conversation turned to where we were at this point in our lives and what we saw as being the next area we were being called to be in service. As we went back and forth offering up our thoughts, finally at one point she turned to me and posed the question “what is it that is yours to do?”

I mumbled something I don’t remember. Good question, I thought.  Ultimately I said I would have to think about it.

Later, as the program began — a series of motivational speakers — one of them posed the identical question from the stage.  Ok, thank you.  I get it.  Time to consider that question.

So in thinking about it, I share the question with you…..what is it that is yours to do?

The world “out there” is full of challenges that can seem overwhelming.  There is war and violence, poverty and starvation, increasing divisiveness in economic standing and in beliefs and opinions.  There is a great big world that through its apparent challenges is calling you to show up and play.

Somewhere “out there” in all of the world’s displaying of what is less than is possible is a sign to you, a message calling you to your next task.  Only you know what you are being called to do. How are you going to answer the call?

The way I see it, there are 2 ways that we can answer that question — from our ego or from our soul.

Our ego can direct us towards selfish activities.  Our ego seeks to protect us from any harm, real or imaged (mostly the latter). Our ego calls us to do what is safe.  Our ego seeks to confirm itself either by puffing one’s self up into a sense of being better or greater than others or by deflating one’s self down to its most compact size through a sense of being inferior or ‘less than’ others. Our ego tosses up arguments and barriers to our doing anything that might be risky or challenging. Our ego distracts us with entertaining time wasters.

It is our ego that seeks for us to be “right” at the expense of others.  It is our ego that says “who are you to think you can do that?”

Our ego calls us to smallness.

On the other hand, our soul calls us to our purpose.  Our soul reminds us and reminds us and re-minds us that we came here with special talents and gifts to provide the world. Our soul orchestrates situations and circumstances to bring us back to being on target with our true role. Our soul encourages us. Our soul calls us to set aside the distractions and to get moving.

It is our soul that seeks for us to be in service to others and the world.  It is our soul that says “do that which it is yours to do”.

Our soul calls to playing large and to claiming our greatness.

Time to stop listening to your ego and pay attention to your soul.

What is it that is yours to do?

Mark Gilbert

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Photo credit: El Mundo De LunAzul / Foter / CC BY