Imagine that!  We are all little pockets of consciousness….and we are walking around with our stories of who we are and what we are….we have this past with our parents, our friends, our schooling, our culture….and the sum total is our life story that we cling to…I have my story….you have your story….we bump into each other and interact….adjusting our story with the new experience….

What’s your story?  But are you this individual and separate consciousness that you tell yourself you are….. or are you part of a “collective consciousness”?

Ah, here’s the real truth…..consciousness is more than all the people walking around telling themselves their story!  Consciousness is not simply a by-product of the firing of neurons in the brain.  Consciousness is not simply that inner world of your thoughts and emotions that you sense.

Considering Consciousness Differently

I want you to consider consciousness differently.  I want you to see it as an “intelligent energy” that is imbedded in and flows through everything everywhere…. this energy is in every atom, every molecule, everything…..then I invite you to consider that consciousness ( or “mind” or “energy”) builds up in complexity as it is grows from being imbedded in the smallest things to  those smaller things joining together to form the largest things (with humans somewhere in the middle of this chain!)

So think on this….as stuff grows in complexity (from atoms and molecules to plants and animals to planets and stars), it contains more and more (and deeper) consciousness.  This process of growing in complexity we know by the name of evolution.  Rocks have consciousness but as they are not very complex, neither is the level of its “mind”. Hence, their intelligence is very limited as compared with higher forms. Plants have higher degrees of complexity and hence higher levels of consciousness, animals even higher….and then humanity even higher.

At some point, as the entity’s complexity gets great enough, the depth of the consciousness crosses the threshold into a state of self-awareness….and then “it knows that it knows”  as in humanity.  Maybe other species have crossed this threshold as well, such as dolphins. Perhaps the buildup of complexity on other planets has allowed other species in the universe to do the same. That fact seems extremely reasonable to me. We will discuss that another time.

Consciousness is Linked in One Unity

But even though all of the stuff of the universe is imbedded with consciousness, we must not lose sight of the fact that all of this intelligence is linked in one unity.  At some level above us….and growing in awareness within humanity….there is an awareness of the interconnectedness of everything. This awareness springs from the interconnectedness of consciousness and is fueled by the evolutionary force of love.

Think about the level of awareness of the cells within our bodies. They have consciousness but not to the degree that the whole consciousness that your “collective you” has. Your individual cells cannot comprehend the unity of your body as you do. Imagine that you are those cells and that above you is a greater awareness and interconnectedness that you are not privy to. If you had the higher awareness, you would be aware of the greater unity.

Tomorrow we will explore this “higher level” of collective consciousness.  For now,  just remember that as you walk around thinking that you are just this  individual little pocket of consciousness with its story it tells itself about “who it is”…..”who it really is” is a sum total of the consciousness imbedded in it and that our “individual collective consciousness” is part of some greater whole of which we only occasionally glimpse.  That’s a much bigger story and a much bigger pocket of consciousness than we generally think we are!



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