Today, I want you to consider 2 things—-one, that you are a change agent….and, two, that being a change agent, you need to have a vision as to the direction towards which you are changing.  To paraphrase Stephen Covey, you can climb a ladder but if you don’t think about where the ladder is going, you may find yourself at the top of the wrong building. We are all climbing ladders whether we know it or not.  How do you know if you are climbing in the right direction?

“Change Agent ” Defined

So what exactly is a change agent?  People throw the term around like we all know what it means, without ever stopping to think just exactly what one is.  I frequently call myself a change agent, I’m encouraging you to see yourself as one…in fact, I’m here to tell you that you are one whether you know it or not…so maybe we ought to define it.

I googled “change agent”, and here’s what I found…”somebody or something that brings about, or helps to bring about, change.”  That sounds like all of us, right?  Some of us may be more “into change” than others, but we all bring about change.  You change your clothes (hopefully with some frequency), you change the channels on the TV, you change what you are eating from time to time, you change houses or jobs or friends or significant others, you change out the light bulb when it burns out.  We can’t help but having change in our lives.  Someone once said, “the only constant is change.”

OK, we all have change in our lives, but the term “change agent” seems to imply more.  I also found on the internet a number of key concepts identified with the change agent such as…someone who seeks to make people better….or someone who works to achieve a higher degree of output or self actualization….or someone who seeks to make changes that stick….or someone who lives in the future, not the present….or someone who is fueled by passion, and inspires passion in others.

So do you see any common denominators here?  For me, the underlying theme is that a change agent is someone who focuses their attention and intentions in a particular direction to bring about a positive future….they see a direction that will serve themselves and others…they set their motivations consciously in that direction and get moving!

Now, we all do this, too, in our individual lives….we look around and think that if we make certain changes (new house, new car, new job, new partner, new career, new education, etc.) then we will bring about a positive future for ourselves.  So we are all obviously “change agents” in this sense.

Yet, we also influence others whether consciously or not.  If we are parents, teachers, supervisors and the like, then we can see how we try to motivate and change others in a certain direction.  But even beyond that, we model behaviors that others see, and to the degree that we have some clout with them, they may try to do as we do.  Think of how you may change your diet, clothes, or entertainment choices based on the actions or recommendations of your friends.  You have the same power with others whether you realize it or not.

We all have a sphere of influence….those with whom we have some degree of power to change their thinking and actions.  How are we using that power?  Are we using it for good or for harm?  Answering that question is very important.  Bringing into your conscious choices that which is for your personal highest good and the highest good for others is one of the most important things you can do.  You are serving the positive evolution of your life and the planet by choosing wisely.

But what is the highest good….both for your life and the life of the planet within your sphere of influence?

Without Vision, the People Perish

This brings us to having the vision to put our ladder against the right wall before we start climbing…to have the right vision for our life or the right vision in our influence of others.  How can we gain that  vision?

Generally, it appears that we get our visions from one of two ways–we either get a vision ourselves….something touches us so deeply that we know it is the direction we need to head…or, we buy into a vision that is presented to us by someone else.  One appears to come from within (our own vision), one appears to come from outside us (we accept another’s vision as our own).  However, in my opinion, if we truly buy into someone else’s vision with all our heart, then we have ignited the same “something” in us that we ignite when we catch our own vision.  If we don’t, then we are simply “going along with” the other person’s vision out of convenience or lack of something better.

If we are truly inspired by a vision (whether its source appears to come from within us or from another person), that inspiration comes from some greater source beyond us. I call it Spirit or God.  And, Spirit is something that we can tap into consciously by setting an intention to do so in order to gain insight and vision…to consciously seek that inspiration that ignites us.

How can we do that?  I know that the Centers for Spiritual Living and other metaphysical teachings offer a “visioning” process designed to tap “Spirit’s highest vision”.  You move your head out of the way, tap into your heart, and open yourself to listen to Spirit with a specific question in mind….then capture whatever comes up.  Yesterday, I offered up the Global Heart Vision statement as a picture of a positive future towards which to work towards the Global Heart Vision.  This statement was developed using this process….listening to Spirit repeatedly by many people and bringing the ideas that came forth together.

There are other techniques as well.  I like using a guided meditation that brings me to a mountain top where I meet an inner guide (someone who represents “wisdom” for me) in order to dialogue on whatever issue I am faced.  You can also try putting a question on the top of your journal page and then automatic writing on the question for a period of time.

All of these techniques have one thing in common…they seek to get your head, your ego, your conditioning out of the way so that you can tap into something that is greater than your rational mind.  The rational mind serves us in climbing the ladder, but it may not always get us on the right ladder to begin with.

So how can we be sure that the vision we determine via listening to our inner wisdom is for our highest good and not our ego?  I like how Ernest Holmes tells us that something is good—it expresses more life and harms no one.  So ask yourself that when you are setting a vision or direction for yourself—does it express more life?  Does it harm no one?  If you can answer yes to both, then you are headed up the right ladder.


You are a change agent….you are making changes in your life all the time….and you are influencing others all the time.  You have great power and great responsibility.  Are you using it wisely?  Are you climbing up the right ladder for yourself and for the world?  Listen to your heart, your intuition, Spirit as you seek vision….seek to express more life and harm no one in your actions….and then move consciously in the direction of that future.



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