What does that mean? Simply stated, what you post on Twitter, FaceBook or any other social media is a reflection of your thinking. What do you want to put out in the universe? What do you wish to give energy?

Now I know when you hear the word “prayers”, you may be applying a different meaning than I am. To me, the word “prayer” simply means the conscious direction of our thoughts along a definite line for a specific purpose. It’s not an attempt to get some external God to intervene in our affairs. Nor is it an old superstitious myth to be always mocked by the rational thinker. Prayer, in the way I am using, is the mindful use of the creative ability of our consciousness.

I wrote about this last time in the article “the Evolution of Prayer” if you wish to read more about it. I encourage you to do so if you’re struggling with my use of the word.

Think about this – if your thoughts and words have creative ability (and I believe they do), then your tweets have creative ability as well. They are a representation of your thoughts in 140 characters or less. They can be read by anyone who has access to the Internet. Who knows where they will land? Who knows what seeds will be planted in the minds of others by your words?

Are your postings on social media negative or harmful to others? Are they generally complaints? Are they divisive or judgmental? Are they the words that are creating the world you want to live in?

The bottom line is this – we are continuous creators of our world through our thoughts, words and actions. Many of our creations are negative and not what we wish to truly manifest. It’s not that we’re “bad people”, it’s just that we’re asleep – unaware of what we’re doing. It’s time to wake up and recognize our creative power. Once we do that, we choose our tweets more carefully.

So as you write that tweet or any other social media post, ask yourself these questions:

Does this contribute towards creating the world I want to experience?

Does this create more unity and harmony in the world?

Does this bring about an expanded sense of care and concern among humans?

Does this bring more love to earth?

If not, reconsider that post! If it does – tweet away!

Mark Gilbert


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