The day didn’t start off that way.  I awoke abruptly out of a bizarre dream, which I really wanted to share with my wife, Mary.  She is a master at asking probing questions and getting at their deeper subjective meaning.  She was late for work, and there was no time to process the dream.  In the kitchen, I realized I had not set my automatic coffee pot the night before, so no coffee was ready.  The dream had disoriented me and I wasn’t fully awake as I attempted to multitask by getting my coffee ready, putting dog food in Harmony’s bowl and warming some milk for my wife.  Something funky in the dog food caught my eye (turned out to be okay) but while investigating, the milk boiled over.  As I cleaned up the milk, I realized the kitchen garbage was overflowing.  I bagged it up and took it outside only to be hit in the face by a snowstorm that must’ve started during the night.  Coming back in the house, the screen door sought to frustrate me by not closing.

Mary left for work and I went to meditate.  It was not one of my better meditations to say the least. Monkey mind day.  Time to do some exercise.  I start up the Wii Fit, it reminds me that it’s been over two weeks since I’ve been on it.  Oh yeah, it nags me further by pointing out that I’ve gained weight since last time and I’ve missed my goal to boot.  Thank you, little Wii character.  Today’s blog was almost an open letter to my Wii Fit apologizing for letting my schedule get in the way of my exercising and for eating so much yesterday during the Super Bowl.  Instead, I simply exercised with an internal sense of guilt irritating me.  Not a good Monday.

After showering and getting dressed, Harmony and I went outside to play Frisbee in the snow.  What joy in that girl as she hopped through the snow with her eyes on the Frisbee, timing that last-minute leap to catch the toy between her teeth.  Back and forth we went, her joy spreading just like the ever-increasing snowflakes swirling around us.  As she ran returned and carefully placed the Frisbee in my hand each time, our eyes would meet and a sense of love would flow between us.  Somewhere within Harmony’s consciousness I imagined that she sensed she was shifting my perspective on the day.  At some point she sensed that she had accomplished her mission and, as is her habit, she ran off to a corner of the yard with her Frisbee, gently placed it down in the snow and began rolling around on it in sheer ecstasy.

As I watched this display of the love of life itself, an exhibition Harmony has provided me so many times, my heart opened to a deep sense of gratitude.  What a wonderful day this is!  What a wonderful life this is!

I began ticking off in my mind all the things that I am thankful for… for Mary, for Harmony, for the beautiful snow falling, for the warm coffee inside, for the ability to work at home on a snowy day like today, for my health, for the ability to start over on my exercise routine… and more.

Yesterday I spoke at the spiritual center where I work part-time.  At the heart of my message were several points…. how we can get stuck looking at that which is less than what we want in our lives…how  the more we look at it, the more our “mental energy” uses the Law of Attraction to bring more of what we don’t want into our lives….how easy it is to get seduced by any negativity our senses are giving us and to continue “seeing” negativity everywhere we look…so then, the trick is to “turn from” that which our senses may be providing us and towards where we want to be…we use the Law of Attraction to take us to where we want to be….this is not to deny what’s in front of us, but rather to focus on our highest possibilities.

Interesting how easy it is to forget….So thank you, Harmony, for the reminder.  I could’ve continued seeing things going wrong around me, but you helped me to see all of the blessings which fill my life.  What a wonderful Monday!  And, it’s only going to get better.



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