We tend to divide things into two realms – physical and spiritual. The physical includes our body, money, possessions and all the world of form. The spiritual is all that stuff we can’t see, our consciousness, invisible laws and the like.

For many years, our focus is on the world of matter. We want to possess things, develop our career, experience the finer aspects of the world. However, at a certain point in many people’s lives, there tends to be a shift. The material becomes less important and the spiritual world becomes more significant. It’s easy at this point to focus so much on our spiritual path that we tend to deny our continued essential need for certain physical things, especially our bodies. We sit on meditation mats turning inward while our physical body grows ever larger outward.

Recently, my friend Dr. James Rouse, a health and nutrition expert came to our office at Centers for Spiritual Living to do a presentation on healthy living. Beforehand, he and I were discussing how we all have some force within us that is calling us to transcend our smallness and live a large life. By that, I mean we have a calling, some purpose for being. James and I agreed that an essential part of living on the spiritual path includes identifying that calling, pushing through any excuses you give yourself for why you can’t do it, then to transcend what your life has been in the past to live your passion – the life you were meant to live.

That conversation along with James’ presentation served to remind me that if we are truly going to fully be our self – to claim and live the life we came here to live – we must maintain healthy bodies. The truth is, there is no separation between physical and spiritual. It’s all one. The inner world and the outer world are one world. It’s just that we experience them in different ways. To further our spiritual growth, it’s key that we maintain our health. Here’s three reasons why –

One: you will live longer!

The longer you are here on planet Earth expressing your gifts, enjoying life and being of service to others, the more you get to spiritually grow.

Two: you will avoid illnesses!

Who hasn’t had a sickness which knocked you for a loop? How spiritual did you feel when your body wasn’t functioning right? It’s hard to meditate when your head is pounding.

Three: you will have more energy!

The better you eat and the more you exercise, the more energy your body will have. The more energy your body has, the more you can live your passion and share your talents.

Don’t forget the importance of maintaining a healthy body – you’ll walk that spiritual path much easier. What you think? How are you doing with this?

Mark Gilbert


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