What do we mean when we say “the tide is turning”? There is another term we use, “sea change”, that has a similar connotation. When we use these words, we are commonly referencing a change we are observing in the outer world. The terms of course, originally came from our observance of a shift in the ocean or sea.

Interestingly, in metaphysics “water” has some unique meanings. Frequently it represents the flow of the collective mind – the collective unconscious. The term “water” can also correspond with “soul”, representing the middle world that serves to link spirit and matter or to link fire and earth. Whenever I contemplate the meaning of “water”, such as when I am reflecting upon the meaning of a dream, I see it as representative of transformation, generally occurring in consciousness.

So imagine for a moment that you’re witnessing the changing of the tide. What do you see? You witness a shift in the energy, in the momentum, in the direction of the water. What first appears to be an immovable force going in one direction begins to slow until for the briefest of moments, it appears to stop. Then you witness it begin to pick up momentum in the opposite direction. Now see that water shifting as a transformation of consciousness.

The consciousness of the planet is shifting. We are letting go of old directions that no longer serve us. There is a shift in the energy of our attention and intentions away from that which limits us, and towards the highest possibilities for humanity.

Can you sense that shift?  Can you feel the old ways slowing down and pulling to a stop….and then starting to move in the other direction?  Sometimes it’s hard to sense that because the pace of life is so fast that the shifts that are occuring are subtle and don’t scream out for our attention like so much of the haste of modern life.

Hence, when we imagine the ocean and the tide turning, let’s try and see it as the shifting of the collective consciousness, let us see ourselves and our consciousness as a part of that ocean. It moves through us. We contribute to it. We are all One.

Hence, each of us has a role to play in our individual consciousness in the shifting of the collective. It is in our shifting of our individual consciousness, where the movement of the collective consciousness begins. Let us acknowledge our part, let us claim it. Let us see the highest possibilities for humanity and the planet and then be resolved in our thinking to move us in that direction.

The tide is turning and so are we…..let us turn in the direction of Life’s highest calling.



(note an edited version of this appears in the Jan-Feb 2010 issue of the New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living Messenger newsletter)


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