What the heck is the “seventh wave of the moon”?

That was the question I pondered after my wife and I made a trip to one of our spiritual teachers a couple of years ago.  This individual is a well known channeler and in our sessions, you got a few minutes as part of a larger group to ask personal questions. In response to a question about my writing and topics to consider for my next book, he suggested that I investigate this topic and do “deep research”.  The suggestion puzzled me, but I went with it.

Research Rabbit Hole

So down the rabbit hole of the internet I went.  There were no sites that I could locate that related to this exact term.  The irony is that in writing this article, there now might be one shortly (this page).

A lot of stuff about the moon out there….a lot of things about waves…and I did find lots of other sites and lots of interesting information.

Probably one of the most interesting things I stumbled upon was this guy who goes by the name of “Crrow777” online and had spent time filming the moon with his high powered telescope.  From his investigation he had filmed what he considered a “lunar wave”.  The video for one of his recorded “waves” is below.  His conclusion from all of his work is that although the moon truly exists and is up there is that what we actually see here on earth is a hologram of the moon.  You can google his name to find out more about his theories and evidence if this interests you.

But the rabbit hole was not done with me yet….

More stuff turned up that alleged that the moon was hollow, that there are bases on the moon, that our Apollo astronauts knew about being watched by other beings while they visited…

If you want to go down these rabbit holes, here are a few links to get you going:

Dr Ken Johnston (worked on Apollo and has structure pictures)

Article on Hollow Moon

Book: Who Built the Moon

Please keep in mind that this is just a quick “taste” of what is out there…..and know that I am not trying to convince you of anything here…..do the research and draw your own conclusions.

The Role of Our Consciousness

So I found a lot of interesting things but nothing that my rational mind said had anything to do with the “seventh wave of the moon”. A return trip to the channeler later that year led to the following “facts” being “confirmed”:  the moon is hollow, the moon is solid, the moon has a base on it, the earth is being watched and “one sees a hologram when they look through a hologram”. Yes, some of this sounds contradictory, some of this is hard to believe from a mainstream belief in the world around us.  Believe what you want out of this.

In fact, that point was really the key: We see what we want to see. What we experience is influenced by who we are and what be believe.

If we want to see a hologram in place of the moon, that is what we will see.  If we want to see a hollow moon or one with bases or aliens on it….that is what we will see.

Beyond the moon, this relates to our personal lives, our political lives, our entire experience of the world here in the third dimension.  We choose what we want to see.

Silent in the background are our beliefs, our bias about how things “work”, how things “should be”.  Our bias lead to our judgments, our judgments determine what we allow through our filters and what we allow the world to energetically present to us.  Then that “outer experience” is really just an “inner experience” that we take and project onto the outer world and say “this is how it is”.

There’s Not One Given Reality?

Sadly, no.  In philosophy circles, this is called the “myth of the given” (from the work of Wilfred Sellars), that the world exists out there in one set way as totally independent of us and our cognition of it.  Here’s a good summary explanation:

“When you point, you are not pointing to the thing, but rather to your experience of the thing which requires mediation. You are not in the realm of the world, but in the space of experience, of the mind. When you make a claim about the world, you are not in the realm of the world, but the realm of linguistic concepts, you are in the abstract. … By pointing, we think we are referring to the thing, but are actually referring to our mind-mediated experience of the thing, and we then compound the mistake by thinking it can be used to correctly scientifically explain something universal about things like it, but this notion of correct indicates something normative and not merely descriptive and that takes conceptual analysis, not mere facts of the mind.” (link to source)

So what does this have to do with anything in our “real world”?  Here are some thoughts for your to ponder:

  • Even though our inner realm influences our experience of the outer realm, we do tend to come to some type of common agreement about what is going on out there.
  • Our common agreement on the “truthfulness” of our collective outer experience arises based upon it serving to meet our current needs.
  • Our current needs are driven by our current world situation and our current state of consciousness that has arisen to successfully meet those conditions.
  • Individuals and the world continue to grow and evolve. Our world conditions change and our consciousness changes to meet the new conditions.
  • As our consciousness changes, we may evolve into a new agreement on what is going on out there in the world.  What were “facts” and “truth” previously, may no longer be so.
  • This realization brings a sense of humbleness to us.  What we so adamantly cling to as rock solid never changing truth is now seen to be fluid and changing based on our growth, evolution and ever changing circumstances.

Our consciousness grows and evolves and changes….perhaps we might consider that it moves in “waves”…..and maybe there have been 7 of these waves through our evolutionary history?  There is an old Buddhist saying that (to quote Alan Watts from this recording) “the doctrine of Buddhism is like a finger pointing at the moon”. The point is that any truth we cling to is not the ultimate truth.  Our words and descriptions of truth can approximate but never encompass completely the ultimate truth.  We become attached to our beliefs, preventing us from reaching full realization of the truth.

Perhaps the seventh wave of the moon is representative of our continuous shifting and evolving in our consciousness to better meet our conditions….but that we always see such consciousness and our sense of what is really going on out there as the “truth” when it is in reality one more experience of our finger pointing to the moon?

What do you think?

Mark Gilbert

ps.  I hope you enjoyed this winding exploration of the seventh wave of the moon.  You might also enjoy this article from a few years ago, “Our Fingers Point to the Moon Just as Our Religions Point to God“.


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