Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on the eve of Valentine’s Day in 2010, but its message of love is relevant at all times….

Let’s get ready for Valentine’s Day by talking love today. Imagine for a moment how love shows up in your life. Bring into your awareness a situation when you feel the emotion of love come forth from within. Got it? Most of us probably picture a person whom we love…or a pet…or perhaps, an overwhelming moment in nature. Whatever it is, notice that most likely there is something external which draws you towards it.

Recently we discussed how love is an evolutionary force whose power works to draw us out from the sense of being separate and apart from the rest of life (see “What is Love, Why is Love“) and to move us into a sense of unity, returning us back to that Oneness from which we came. So that feeling of love you imagined is an evolutionary force that’s embedded in everything.

Everything? We know what it’s like to feel this love force as a human being. And, we often project how animals feel this love force. I know my dog Harmony loves me and I imagine that what she feels for me is the same emotional sense that I feel for her. Many people, such as my wife Mary, can sense the love force coming forth from plants. But what about other things? Do rocks sense love? Do other inanimate objects have the ability to sense the love force?

So here’s an experiment I would like you to try today. I want you to shift in your awareness what you consider love. Instead of simply being that emotion you feel, for today consider it both that emotion and any force that draws two or more things together and binds them.

So as we look around, everything we see is made up of atoms which are subatomic particles bound together… and then molecules which are atoms bound together… and then cells which are molecules bound together… and then organisms which are cells bound together… and on up the chain to more and more complex organisms such as humans whose bodies are the binding together of organs, tissue, fluids, and more all working together. Philosopher Ken Wilber refers to each of the levels in this chain as a holon… something that is whole and complete within itself but made up of smaller parts that are whole and complete within themselves… and is also a part of a greater whole something above it. Hence, humans are holons… we are whole and complete within ourselves… we are made up of smaller parts that are whole and complete within themselves… and above us we help make up some greater holon. The force that binds these holons together is the love force.

So in your experiment, I’d like you consider that the force you sense that holds things together is the force of love. Love is holding together your computer, your desk, yourself. But let’s also look for those other situations when two or more things are drawn together.

In the morning when I sit down with my coffee, Harmony comes up and nuzzles me and licks me. That’s the love force. When Mary comes home from work, I greet her with a hug and a kiss. That’s the love force. When my heart is open when I’m holding one of my grandchildren, that’s the love force too. When I’m in nature and feel the sense of connectedness, it’s love binding me to the world out there.

These may seem obvious… but throughout our day we experience things binding together and don’t even realize it. Whenever we learn and make a connection in our awareness, that binding together of multiple concepts and ideas allows us to see with greater clarity how things are interconnected. These can be those great a-ha moments that open us to great wisdom about life or they can be those more mundane moments as we discover how to navigate through physical life. Whether you realize it or not, learning how to use your new cell phone or how to wire a ceiling fan both serve to connect you and bind you to a greater whole. It is the love force at work connecting you. The more we look for love, the more love we see.

All of this love is serving to bind us to each other and to everything. All of this love is serving for us to know and to experience Oneness. The ultimate holon is Spirit containing all of the smaller holons bound in love.

Teilhard de Chardin put it this way, in his book The Phenomenon of Man: “Cosmic energy is love, the affinity of being with being. It is a universal property of all life, and embraces all forms of organized matter. Thus, the tendency to unite; the attraction of atom to atom, molecule to molecule, or cell to cell. The forces of love, drive the fragments of the universe to seek each other so that the world may come into being.”

So let’s get ready for Valentine’s Day by seeing love everywhere we look.




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