Although life can seem complicated at times and all of the various interactions of life certainly display complexity,  the ultimate meaning for us as individuals can be simplified into the following seven short (under 140 characters each) statements:


Feel &  live knowing that God is in you.

Feel & live knowing that God is in everyone and everything.

Live life with deep love for everyone & everything knowing our divine connection.

Assist others in discovering our divine connection.

Discover your God given talent in this life & give it to the world.

Assist others in discovering their God given talent in their life & encourage them to give it to the world.

Playfully enjoy this glorious experience of life on Earth always seeing the good in all of it.


So no matter what may be going on out there in the so-called “real world” of complicated stuff—all those experiences that are less than what we may desire—if we can shift our thinking back to these seven statements and live with that awareness, we will turn our focus to what is truly “real” and of ultimate meaning to our lives.

Time to live—and play!  Enjoy your life!

Mark Gilbert


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