[This is part 3 of a 3 part article on the basics of Spiral Dynamics and their relationship to the Science of Mind.  An edited version of this article appeared in Science of Mind magazine’s April 2008 issue.  Please read the previous posts to put the following in context. Link to Part One. and Link to Part Two.]

Ironically, Beck says that this second tier emerges in response to the chaotic life conditions of a modern world where all these “competing” worldviews battle for control.  With a higher awareness, we recognize that the solution to moving humanity up the evolutionary spiral is to help people meet the needs of their current life conditions.  We can only do this with an awareness of where they are on the spiral of life. Their meeting their current needs allows the natural evolutionary process to bring the necessary emergence into their lives of the next level of the spiral.

Interestingly, it is in these second tier levels of existence (yellow, turquoise, and the continuous development of still higher ones) that Spiral Dynamics’ research finds human values emerging that are very much in alignment with the teachings of Science of Mind.

Spiral Dynamics shows that at these higher levels of consciousness we begin to understand the big-picture view of living systems and the evolutionary flow of life where chaos and change are a natural part of life. We begin to see the role that we each play in our own evolution.

At these higher levels, we begin to honor and respect others beliefs and worldviews without necessarily agreeing with them.  We acknowledge the connection between spirituality and physics.  We focus on and see the good in all living entities.  We expand our use of brain and mind tools for developing consciousness.  We see the individual self as part of a larger, conscious, spiritual whole that also serves the self.  And, we value the spiritual beliefs of all the other levels as we stand in awe of the overall cosmic order.

Spiral Dynamics shows us that as man evolves, so does his view of the divine.  The spirits that we saw in all of nature was a proper view for our purple mythic worldview.  The “old man God in the sky” who judged us on our death met the needs of a blue worldview desiring a life of control and rules.  Even the denying that God exists which frequently comes with a fundamental scientific worldview serves our needs at that level of understanding. God presents God to us in a manner that our level of consciousness can understand.   This is part of the natural process.  For as Holmes says, “Evolution is the awakening of the soul to a recognition of its unity with the Whole.” This is where both Science of Mind and Spiral Dynamics says our consciousness is evolving.

Using Spiral Dynamics in connection with Science of Mind gives me hope.  They both  affirm for me that there is a natural direction in which our collective consciousness is ultimately evolving.  And they both affirm for me that we will ever be evolving.  For as Holmes said,  “What we must avoid, however, is the confusion which arises from a belief in final revelations, from the belief that all truth is at last discovered, or that some one person or some one system of thought has delivered the last word.  There are no finalities in any science, any philosophy, or any religion.  Through the continual emergence of the creative Principle any last finality proves to be but the beginning of a new creative series.  This eternal spiral, finding its base in the everlasting Reality, will never cease to emerge.”


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