Today we look at seven key activities that are important for your personal evolution.  The fact is, life is evolving.  You are evolving, I am evolving, we are all evolving.  Although our individual and collective evolutionary path is, in my opinion, a given — that doesn’t mean we can’t stray off the path.

Where are we headed eventually?  Simply stated, we are ultimately moving towards higher levels of consciousness and awareness where we recognize the unity of everything.  We are realizing that although we are living through an experience of individuality and uniqueness, at our core we are all one.  There are intermediate steps along the way as our systems become more complex, as we are able to tap more easily the sum total of human knowledge, and as the groups of others for whom we exhibit care and concern expand and expand.

Each of us has a choice to cooperate with this evolutionary process or not.  If you wish to facilitate your personal evolution (which of course facilitates our collective evolution), then here are seven key actions which will move you in a positive direction.  Although all of these steps are important, the first ones start within you while the later ones move outward.

Turn inward — So much of our lives directs our senses outward, it’s easy to live with the belief that all the stuff we sense “out there” is the only stuff that is real.  A daily practice of turning inward allows us a degree of balance.  It shows us a truer reality where we know that there is a presence that connects all.  It is important that our lives experience this base.

Set the vision — As we turn inward, it’s important that we set a vision as to where we see our lives headed.  We must begin with the end in mind.  We must visualize the highest outcome for our lives.  What is it we are called to be?  This vision gives our life direction.

Feed the mind — We must continue to grow intellectually.  We must continue to learn.  It’s too easy to stay in our comfort zone and only learn more about what we already know and only pursue sources that are biased in the direction of our beliefs.  We must continue to challenge ourselves by exploring new areas and new ways of looking at things.

Nurture the body — We must take care of these physical vehicles which serve us while here on earth.  We must ensure that these “temples” are exercised and well fed.

Heal the shadow — We must recognize that our early life experiences buried deep within us hidden beliefs and motivations which must be healed.  We must seek to understand why we believe or act as we do when such beliefs or actions are not in the best interest of ourselves and others.  We must seek out and utilize established methods to bring our shadow into the light so we can heal it and make a higher choice.

Act in alignment — Our actions in the outer world must be in alignment with our vision for our life.  Each of us has unique creative ability which we are called to express.  As we express that ability in our work or play, we must consider how it serves our growth, both as individuals and as part of the collective humanity.

Cultivate relationships — As we move outward in our action in the world, we must seek to connect with others.  Developing relationships with others heightens our sense of interconnectedness.  Expanding our involvement with others allows our talents and gifts to touch them and for their gifts to touch us.  The interplay of our individual evolutionary gifts expands their influence and speeds up our collective growth.

These are the seven keys that I believe are essential for each of us to be utilizing in our personal growth.  Each is important.

Do these seven steps resonate with you?  Are you developing all of them?  How might you grow one you are ignoring currently?  Would you add any other steps to this list?

Mark Gilbert


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