Editor’s note:  Resolutions are not just for January 1 as this article from the middle of 2010 points out…still relevant today….

We are fast approaching the middle of 2010.  Remember when you were a kid and you measured your age in half years?  Our milestones seemed so far apart at that age….yet now they roll by quicker and quicker. Well, today I want to go back to my youthfulness and celebrate the passage of the upcoming “half year”.  And, as we roll into the second half of 2010, its time for some new resolutions…. so here we go with our Half  New Year’s resolutions!

It seems like resolutions have gotten a bad rap the last few years simply because there’s a recognition that we set these goals, and quickly release them within a few days or a few weeks. Yes, it’s true that many of us use January 1 each year to set new goals and then find difficulty breaking the old habits that would free us and allow us to meet those goals. However, I believe we need to release concerns over past failures and totally reinvent New Year’s resolutions.

So how can we reinvent resolutions?  First off, they’re not just for January 1 anymore! We can set them on the half year, we can set them every month, we can set them every week,…everyday is a day to set resolutions.

The next thing we can do is let go of the fear of failure we’ve had from are not keeping resolutions from years/months/days past. So what if we didn’t keep some previous resolutions ? That doesn’t define us now. You are always free to change your thinking, change your habits, and change your life.

We can release our fear of failing to meet any new resolutions we set. So what if we set a goal that we don’t keep or meet? So what if we don’t make a 180° change in some pattern overnight? In the big scheme of things, our failure to meet every little nuance of every resolution or goal we set doesn’t make us a failure. The only time we truly fail is when we don’t set a goal at all. So let’s release our fears and turn our eyes to where we truly want to go in our lives.

So where do you want to go? What do you want your life to look like? What you want the world to look like? Visualize your life and the world around you as the perfection that it can be and set resolutions and intentions to move you in that direction.

Sometimes it helps to break your life down into compartments and set goals for each area of your life. For example, you might consider your life from the area of what you want to do for your body and your health, the development of your mind and intellect, your expression of your creative abilities, the development of your relationships with others, your growth in work or employment, your spiritual growth, and so on. I have found that it always helps me to look at my life from the individual standpoint, and set goals for that area of my life. Then I look at the world and how I would like it to be and then set goals for how I show up in it.

So, I’ve set a lot of goals for myself all throughout the year of 2010. I have goals around exercise and diet, learning a foreign language, personal development and writing. In some cases these goals are stated in such a way that I’ll do something everyday towards that goal, such as exercise or write. And the fact of the matter is, there will be some days when I will do neither. In fact, life may throw me a curveball, and I may get away from one of the other of these intentions for a week or longer. But, I have to be okay with that fact and recognize that I can get back towards my progress on my goals. I cannot let the fear of failure keep me from setting these goals. Neither can I let a little potential future slippage keep me from coming back to them. I must continuously ask myself, where do I want my life to and then move my thoughts, words and deeds in that direction.

I’ve also looked at the world and set some goals for myself in how I want to show up in relation to it. Some of these goals may seem lofty and out of reach when we’re mired in the world of everyday effects. Yes, there could be plenty of times when I look out of the world and I see things that are less than what I desire for it. However just like when I slip up on my personal goals, I can’t let the world slipping up keep me from my focus and intention on the direction in which I wish to move. I must be resolute in the fact that each of us plays a role in moving the world towards its positive future. I must continue to do my part with my consciousness.

So, what kind of world do I envision for the last half of 2010 and beyond? Where do I keep my focus and intentions on how I show up in the world for the time coming?

First off, I envision a world that works for everyone. That means that it works for me and it works for you. That means it works for my family, but it also works for the family of humanity. Yes, I can look around me and work towards my personal success, but I must ever keep in mind that my success is connected to your success and all of our collective success. Hence as I work towards my goals and aspirations, I should ensure that my success should at a minimum harm no one. Even better, it should ultimately serve the greater good. As I express life in my neck of the woods, it should expand life in yours.

Therefore, I see a world where everyone cares for everyone else. We honor our differences and our uniqueness. We allow each other to hold different beliefs—politically, spiritually and in other areas. In this, we expand our love and care and concern to more and more people. And ultimately, we expand our care and concern to all sentient beings and the world at large. We move from being egocentric and ethnocentric to being world centric.

I see a world where peace is the norm, where everyone has enough to eat, where all have safety and security, where everyone has the opportunity to express their unique gifts. I see a world where we are all wise stewards of the planet and its resources. I see a world in which we release the sense of separation and claim our unity.

Yes, these seem like lofty goals and flowery words, but they are a vision of the world that we can become. So, of all my intentions for the rest of 2010 and beyond, the one that is foremost is where I keep my consciousness and my focus on this possible world. I respectfully ask you to do the same.




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