The other day I discussed the power of a good quote.  Today, I share a quote that has great meaning for me.

This quote comes from one of my main spiritual teachers, Ernest Holmes.  Here it is:

The ultimate goal of life does not mean that we shall ever arrive at a spiritual destination where everything remains static and inactive.  That which to our present understanding seems an ultimate goal will, when attained, be but the starting point for a new and further evolution.  We believe in an eternal upward spiral of existence.  This is what Jesus meant when he said, ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.’ ” 

I never met Holmes, he died in 1960 when I was very young.  I only discovered his writings as an adult.  His seminal work is The Science of Mind published in 1938, although he was a prolific writer producing many books between 1918 and 1960.

Holmes, to me, was an early “integral” philosopher.  He studied religion, science and philosophy looked for the common denominators.  Those golden threads became the underpinnings of his works.

He formed an Educational Institute to further the teachings of the Science of Mind. Later this grew into a religious movement with churches that taught a non-dogmatic approach to one finding their own relationship with Spirit.  Today, the worldwide Centers for Spiritual Living brings Holmes’ work to the world through local centers, the internet and magazines.  Full disclosure–I work for their headquarters.

The above quote, which is one of many of his that I love, says a number of things.  Here are a few ways in which I interpret it:

  • Life is about the journey, not the destination. This includes in this lifetime and beyond this experience.
  • We continuously grow and evolve in this life and beyond.  We should be open to this growth.
  • Reaching some specific goal in this life or the next is a very limited way of looking at our spiritual experience.
  • The spiral direction reminds us that not only do we go upward, we cannot veer too far from our center.  We may temporarily regress or go backwards, but ultimately life always has an upward direction, even when we think it is not headed that way.  The spiral also points out that we may come to what seems to be a similar step in our path as we have traversed before, but we are at a higher turn of the spiral and have a better vantage point and can see and choose what to do from this level of greater experience.
  • This quote also speaks to the wisdom of Jesus and how his messages often convey a deeper meaning that traditional religions have often misunderstood or misinterpreted.
  • Finally, there is an acknowledgement that when we do think we have “arrived”, no matter what that looks like, just wait–we are about to launch into a higher adventure.  Hang on!

That spiral never ends folks…..look upwards, keep growing and enjoy the journey!

Mark Gilbert

ps.  I would love to hear from you on quotes that give you great meaning!  Email or post a comment!


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