I am excited to be heading to New Orleans this weekend as part of the annual Spiritual Living Conference. It’s an exciting time and an historic moment as the two organizations that teach the Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind and Spirit philosophy take the next major step in their integration. Last year they voted to reunite after over 50 years of being apart. When do you ever hear about groups splitting apart and then coming back together?

This week, the two groups become one. During the past year much has been done to create the structure of the organization—pulling from each of the current groups the best ideas, the best processes, to create a new way of being together. I have been honored to have been involved with a lot of this. When we leave Louisiana, we will have one leadership, one headquarters, one community! People who teach oneness will be one.

So, I am excited…..excited that all of the hard work of the past years is finally reaching this major milestone….excited that now we will be able to turn our attention out to the world in a more coordinated way to bring these empowering teachings to more and more people who could benefit from them…and excited that the example of a group of people who split in two coming back to unify might serve as an example of unity for the world. May we all live as One!


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