Moving from smallness to greatness… moving from fear to faith… keeping our eyes on the prize… shifting from doubt the certainty… moving beyond the appearance of conditions to the fulfillment of our highest calling and dreams…

All of this movement, all of these “shifts”, all of this growth is in our consciousness.  We have a great gift in our thoughts which use the immense power of Mind.  It is so easy to forget that we have this gift….the ability to consciously use the “law of attraction”.

Years of conditioning, coupled with our attention focused on the state of worldly affairs, meaning both our personal lives as well as the global collective life, distract us into believing our lives are about lack and fear and doubt and so on.  We buy into our stories.  We buy into what we see out there in the world is the ultimate truth of her life.  Our looking outward, coupled with our stories gives rise to negative emotions.  These emotions keep us stuck in smallness, fear, doubt and their focus upon the life that is less than what we can be.

This happens to all of us, no matter how “aware” we think we may be.  This happened to me this morning.  Even though this appears to be day two of this blog, it’s birthing process has been going on for a number of months, including a previous limited incarnation.  My excitement from yesterday about taking this process forward in a major leap was followed this morning by emotion of self-doubt and questioning.

So what did I do?  The first thing was to acknowledge it.  I acknowledged it to myself, and I told my wife about it.  Without acknowledging it, I might try to bury it or ignore it or deny the emotion even exists.  The first step is always to bring it into awareness.  Next, was an intentional shifting of my consciousness.  Sometimes this is easier said than done, I must admit.

So what are some ways in which you can change your thinking when you are stuck in a limiting emotion?  I would love to hear what you think, but here’s a few things that work for me.  First, I go inward.  I meditate on what this emotion might be about.  I journal on what comes up.  I use the power of affirmative prayer to both gain that taste of my connectedness to Spirit as well as to state my truth into the       One Mind.  Second, I go outward.  I seek the assistance of someone who’s not stocking the emotion.  But who can help me see the truth.  That’s why I felt it important to mention it to my wife as she can frequently help me to see the bigger picture.  They also seek the assistance of spiritual and uplifting writings that can help me to refocus my attention.

One of my favorite writers, whom I often turn to is the mystic Ernest Holmes.  My intuition this morning led me to one of his articles, and my inner awareness led me into focusing on the following lines: “we should think of our lives as an increasing awareness, and ever-growing and expanding consciousness, a never ceasing progress of individual and collective evolution.  There should be a constant joy in expansion, and enthusiastic sense of adventure in the progressive unfoldment of spiritual awareness.  It is enough to know that our good is with us today, but tomorrow the same good can be multiplied, and so on forever.”

As I read and reread those words, it shifted my consciousness… it helped me change my thinking… it affirmed for me the certainty of my purpose and the answering of my calling.   I know for all of us that we can shift from smallness in our lives to claiming our greatness….to keeping our eyes on the prize…to growing in our spiritual awareness and assisting in our personal and collective evolution.




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